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Math 4032 Spring 2012 Advanced Calculus II P. Achar

Summary: Math 4032 Spring 2012
Advanced Calculus II P. Achar
Course Information
Professor: Pramod N. Achar TA: Fawwaz Batayneh
Office: 266 Lockett Hall Office: 341 Lockett Hall
E-mail: pramod@math.lsu.edu E-mail: fbatay1@lsu.edu
Office hours: Mon. 2:30pm­4:00pm & Fri. 9:00am­10:30am Office hours: Mon. & Wed. 1pm­2pm
Phone: 578-7990
If you cannot make it to my office hours, you may arrange to meet with me at another time by appointment.
Course outline. This semester, we will cover Chapters 4­6 of Advanced Calculus: An Introduction to
Linear Analysis (John Wiley & Sons, 2008) by Leonard Richardson, roughly by the following schedule:
Chapter 4: The Derivative 4­5 weeks
Chapter 5: Infinite Series 5­6 weeks
Chapter 6: Fourier Series 3­4 weeks
Homework. Homework problems will be assigned frequently and posted on Moodle. Selected problems will
be collected roughly once a week. As you know, most homework questions will involve proofs. Please write
your solutions in complete sentences. I will not accept late homework, but I will drop your lowest homework
Exams. There will be two 50-minute in-class exams and a two-hour comprehensive final exam. The dates
of the exams are given below. If there is any circumstance that may prevent you from taking an exam on


Source: Achar, Pramod - Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University


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