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Geophysical Monograph Series IUGG Volumes

Summary: Geophysical Monograph Series
IUGG Volumes
Maurice Ewing Volumes
Mineral Physics Volumes
Geophysical Monograph Series
133 Earth's Low-Latitude Boundary Layer Patrick T. Newell
and Terry Onsage (Eds.)
134 The North Atlantic Oscillation: Climatic Significance
and Environmental Impact James W. Hurrell, Yochanan
Kushnir, Geir Ottersen, and Martin Visbeck (Eds.)
135 Prediction in Geomorphology Peter R. Wilcock
and Richard M. Iverson (Eds.)
136 The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: Insights from
Fragments of Pangea W. Hames, J. G. McHone,
P. Renne, and C. Ruppel (Eds.)
137 Earth's Climate and Orbital Eccentricity: The Marine
Isotope Stage 11 Question André W. Droxler, Richard
Z. Poore, and Lloyd H. Burckle (Eds.)
138 Inside the Subduction Factory John Eiler (Ed.)


Source: Abercrombie, Rachel E. - Department of Earth Sciences, Boston University


Collections: Geosciences