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Evolutionary testing as both a testing and redesign tool: a study of a shipboard

Summary: Evolutionary testing as both a testing and
redesign tool: a study of a shipboard
firemain's valve and pump controls
Carl Anderson, Eric Bonabeau, John M. Scott
Icosystem Corporation, 10 Fawcett St., Cambridge, MA 02138
Email: {carl, eric, johnscott}@icosystem.com
Abstract-Given the large number of possible fault scenarios,
complex control systems are usually impossible to test
exhaustively. One promising approach, however, is
evolutionary testing (ET) in which a genetic algorithm (GA)
evolves critical test situations. We evolved challenges (pipe
rupture and water demand) to the valve and pump controls of
a shipboard firemain system. ET found minor events that
collectively produced significant systen failure, and also
identified a modification to the ship design that improved
system performance. ET can also be used to map the
boundary of search space for a given, user-defined criterion.
The potential of this powerful, generic technique not just for
testing but also for system redesign is thus emphasized.


Source: Anderson, Carl - Synthetic Intelligence, Qbit, LLC, Bethesda, MD


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Engineering; Mathematics