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Test results of VA1 fabricated by submicron Masashi Yokoyama

Summary: Test results of VA1 fabricated by sub璵icron
Masashi Yokoyama
University of Tokyo, Department of Physics
Hongo 7񪏕, Bunkyo璳u, Tokyo
We have developed VA1 VLSI chip with AMS 0.35 祄 process. DC current com
pensation circuit is integrated. Preliminary measurement results indicate DC com
pensation circuit works well up to 300 nA. Radiation hardness of the new chip is
measured and confirmed to be better than 20 Mrad.
1 Introduction
Due to a late璼tage change of plans, the current BELLE SVD (SVD 1.0) was
constructed in a very short time (roughly one year from design to commission
ing). Although its basic performance is satisfactory, its design[1] leaves room
for improvement. The most important limitation of SVD 1.0 is its limited radi
ation tolerance. Although the frontend IC, the VA1, remains functional to 200
kRad, it exhibits a significant increase in noise at lower levels. Moreover, the
200璳Rad level a#ords almost no margin for error in accelerator and detector
Failure of the integrated AC璫oupling capacitors in the DSSDs is another


Source: Aihara, Hiroaki - Department of Physics, University of Tokyo


Collections: Physics