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The Dramatic Impact of Hydrodynamic Mixing on Supernova Progenitors

Summary: The Dramatic Impact of Hydrodynamic Mixing on Supernova
Patrick A. Young 1,2 , Casey Meakin 2 , David Arnett 2 , & Chris L. Fryer 1
payoung@lanl.gov, cmeakin@as.arizona.edu, darnett@as.arizona.edu,
Received ; accepted
1 Theoretical Astrophysics, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Los Alamos, NM 87545
2 Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, 933 N. Cherry Avenue, Tucson AZ 85721

-- 2 --
Recent multidimensional hydrodynamic simulations have demonstrated the
importance of hydrodynamic motions in the convective boundary and radiative
regions of stars to transport of energy, entropy, and composition. The impact of
this process increases with stellar mass. Stellar models which incorporate this
physics have been tested on several classes of observational problems. In this
paper we examine the implications of the improved treatment on a supernova
progenitors. The improved model predict substantially di#erent interior struc­
tures. We present pre­supernova conditions and simple explosion calculations
from stellar models with and without the improved mixing treatment at 23 M# .


Source: Arnett, W. David - Department of Astronomy, University of Arizona


Collections: Physics