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Research Projects by Graduate Students Supervised by: Shawki Areibi

Summary: Research Projects by Graduate Students
Supervised by: Shawki Areibi
Research projects are focused in the areas of VLSI CAD, Combinatorial Optimiza-
tion, Advanced Heuristic Search Techniques and Embedded Systems (Hard-
ware/Software Co-design) and Reconfigurable Architectures.
A Clustering Utility-Based Approach for ASIC De-
By Matt Thompson, June 2000
This research presents two new approaches for dealing with the high complexity of
ASIC design. A novel utility-based search technique is applied to iterative improvement
in the standard-cell placement problem. Utility theory is used to guide a determin-
istic (greedy) search heuristic in finding a local minimum quickly by ranking moves
based on an estimate of their proximity to an optimal location. Moves are then chosen
that are statistically more likely to improve than if the moves were chosen randomly,
greatly increasing the rate of convergence. Then a new hierarchal clustering heuristic
is presented which clusters a standard-cell circuit by greedily collapsing net hyperedges
by size, but not permitting very large clusters from forming. The clustering heuristic
demonstrates excellent characteristics for reducing the execution time of standard-cell
placement while achieving better results compared to non-clustered circuit placement
and placement using other edge-based clustering methods.


Source: Areibi, Shawki M - School of Engineering, University of Guelph


Collections: Engineering