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Short communication Gathering-based routing protocol in mobile ad hoc networks

Summary: Short communication
Gathering-based routing protocol in mobile ad hoc networks
Chang Wook Ahn *
Communication Laboratory, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 111, Suwon 440-600, Republic of Korea
Received 10 June 2005; received in revised form 17 July 2006; accepted 27 July 2006
Available online 22 August 2006
A gathering-based routing protocol (GRP) for mobile ad hoc networks is presented. The idea is to rapidly collect network infor-
mation at a source node at an expense of a small amount of control overheads. The source node can equip promising routes on the basis
of the collected information, thereby continuously transmitting data packets even if the current route is disconnected. It results in achiev-
ing fast (packet) transfer delay without unduly compromising on (control) overhead performance.
2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Keywords: Mobile ad hoc networks; Routing protocol; Network information
1. Introduction
Since all nodes in the mobile ad hoc networks can be
mobile and communicate with one another either directly
or through intermediate nodes with no fixed infrastructure,
it is necessary to design an efficient routing protocol [1].
Proactive routing protocol (PRP) requires every node to
maintain full routing information, while reactive routing


Source: Ahn, Chang Wook - School of Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences