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CMDC #002.27 Effective 5/11

Summary: CMDC #002.27
Effective 5/11
IX. Reporting Deficiencies in Animal Care or Treatment
IX.1. Reporting concerns, deficiencies, or observations made regarding the adequacy or appropriateness of the
facilities, program, policies, or procedures contributes to the oversight, development, and improvement of the
program for animal care and use, and contributes to the resolution of the concern or deficiency.
IX.2. Deficiencies in animal care, use, recordkeeping, or treatment, and adverse events in animal care or use must
be reported, and can be reported to Comparative Medicine veterinarians (745-4361, 974-9260), or
administrative staff (974-9842, 974-9876), or to the IACUC c/o Research Integrity & Compliance (974-0954, 974-
7104, 974-7106), or directly to the IACUC Chairperson (974-1547), or IACUC Vice Chairperson (745-3028), or to the
Institutional Official of the Animal Care and Use Program, (974-5570).
IX.3. This reporting-feedback mechanism of observations made regarding the practices of animal care and use
within these laboratories, contributes an important oversight, and assists in the continuous development of the animal
IX.4. Such reports, suggestions, complaints, or compliments are made with protection of the reporting individual
from any discrimination or reprisal.
IX.5. Reports of concerns regarding animal welfare are immediately forwarded to Comparative Medicine for
assurance by the veterinarians that a concern for animal welfare is not ongoing. The Director or Associate Director
can interrupt any activity that jeopardizes the welfare of an animal.


Source: Arslan, Hüseyin - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


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