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Annual Report 2007 -2008

Summary: Annual Report
2007 - 2008
University of California, Berkeley
Alumni updAte
depArtment of eArth
And plAnetAry Science
Cover photo: Uplift rates at 115,487 points in the San Francisco Bay area, California, estimated from permanent scatterer analysis
of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) measurements are shown on a gray-shaded digital elevation model. The analy-
sis utilizes 49 data acquisitions of the European Space Agency's European Remote Sensing (ERS) satellites collected from 1992
to 2000. The contribution of tectonic horizontal motions established from GPS- measured surface motions has been removed.
Uplift (red colors) and subsidence (blue colors) are due to non-tectonic (sediment settling, landsliding, aquifer withdrawal and
rebound) and tectonic processes. Graphic from R. Bürgmann et al., 2006, Geology.
Editor: Doris Sloan
Layout: Katie Heil
Printers: Mercurio Bros. Printing
Walter Alvarez receiving the Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Oviedo, Spain.
Faculty party to celebrate Bruce Buffett joining EPS: (from left) Bill Collins, Raymond Jeanloz, Bruce Buffett, Liv Weiss, Michael Manga, Julia
Wenk, Chi Wang, Milly Alvarez, Burkhard Militzer, Kasia Allen, Kristie Boering, Richard Allen, Barbara Romanowicz, Mary Jane Brimhall,
George Brimhall. (sitting) Jan Collins, Roland Bürgmann, Rudy Wenk and Jeni Jeanloz.
Charles Shaw (PhD 1956) visits in October 2008.


Source: Alvarez, Walter - Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California at Berkeley


Collections: Geosciences