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Model Checking Timing Requirements \Lambda Joanne M. Atlee

Summary: Model Checking Timing Requirements \Lambda
Joanne M. Atlee
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
John Gannon
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland
Model checking has been used successfully to analyze concurrent, finite­state systems. System prop­
erties to be verified are expressed as temporal logic formulae. A model checker accepts a description of
system behavior (e.g., a reachability graph or a transition relation) and a system property, and through
exhaustive analysis determines whether or not the property holds in the system. In this paper, we extend
the Software Cost Reduction (SCR) requirements notation to specify systems' timing requirements. We
describe an analysis tool that transforms timed SCR specifications into timed reachability graphs, and
show how some real­time properties can be verified with a symbolic model checker for branching­time
temporal logic. In addition, we compare our system for analyzing SCR requirements with other model
checkers that verify properties of real­time systems.
1 Introduction
Software errors frequently arise from incorrect system requirements. Successful requirements ac­
quisition requires a thorough review process in which both domain experts and implementors can


Source: Atlee, Joanne M. - School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences