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Monotone Control Systems David Angeli

Summary: 1
Monotone Control Systems
David Angeli
Dip. Sistemi e Informatica
University of Florence, 50139 Firenze, Italy
Eduardo D. Sontag
Dept. of Mathematics
Rutgers University, NJ, USA
Abstract| Monotone systems constitute one of the
most important classes of dynamical systems used in
mathematical biology modeling. The objective of this
paper is to extend the notion of monotonicity to systems
with inputs and outputs, a necessary rst step in try-
ing to understand interconnections, especially including
feedback loops, built up out of monotone components.
Basic de nitions and theorems are provided, as well as
an application to the study of a model of one of the cell's
most important subsystems.


Source: Angeli, David - Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze


Collections: Engineering