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Hartley Library Finding Your Way Around the Library the Basics

Summary: Hartley Library
Finding Your Way Around the Library ­ the Basics
For your own safety, it is very important that you are aware of the fire safety
procedures for the Library. If you hear an intermittent alarm you do not have
to leave the Library but be ready to evacuate. If the continuous alarm sounds
you must leave the Library immediately by the nearest fire exit
This tour is designed to help you find your way around the Hartley Library, which
has five levels.
The entrance to the Library is on Level 2.
1. As you enter the Library you will find straight ahead of you the Reception
Desk. Here you can find answers to basic Library queries and also book Group
Study Rooms.
To your right you will find an Internet Café and Lattés. (Please do not, however,
take food and drink, apart from bottled water, into the Library.) To the left of
Lattés are some toilets, a water cooler and disabled toilets.
Please note - as a matter of courtesy we ask that you switch your mobile phone
off, or on to `silent' whilst in the Library. Calls can only be made and answered in
the Entrance Hall on Level 2.
The entrance turnstiles are activated by your University ID/Smartcard; touch your
card lightly against the electronic pad and wait a couple of seconds until the screen


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


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