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OnTheFly Controller Synthesis for Discrete and DenseTime Systems

Summary: On­The­Fly Controller Synthesis
for Discrete and Dense­Time Systems
Stavros Tripakis ? and Karine Altisen ??
Abstract. We present novel techniques for efficient controller synthesis
for untimed and timed systems with respect to invariance and reacha­
bility properties. In the untimed case, we give algorithms for controller
synthesis in the context of finite graphs with controllable and uncon­
trollable edges, distinguishing between the actions of the system and its
environment, respectively. The algorithms are on­the­fly , since they re­
turn a controller as soon as one is found, which avoids the generation of
the whole state space.
In the timed case, we use the model of timed automata extended with con­
trollable and uncontrollable discrete transitions. Our controller­synthesis
method here is only half on­the­fly, since it relies on the a­priori genera­
tion of a finite model (graph) of the timed automaton, as quotient of the
time­abstracting bisimulation. The quotient graph is essentially an un­
timed graph, upon which we can apply the untimed on­the­fly algorithms
to compute a timed controller.
Keywords. Controller Synthesis, On­The­Fly Algorithms, Timed Auto­
mata, Time­Abstracting Bisimulation.


Source: Altisen, Karine - Laboratoire VERIMAG, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences