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BIOL 599-Seminar in Marine Conservation Biology Winter 2004

Summary: BIOL 599- Seminar in Marine Conservation Biology
Winter 2004
Meeting: Biology 415; R 13:00-14:50.
Instructor: Alejandro Acevedo.
Office Hours: M 9:00-10:10; W 9:00-11:10; R 15:00-17:10
Contact: Biology 309, 650-3653, acevedo@biol.wwu.edu
Website: http://fire.biol.wwu.edu/acevedo/BIOL559/index.html
Course Description
What are the most important threats to the marine environment? What contributions can
scientists make to diminish these threats? In this course we will address current and emerging
issues in marine conservation biology by discussing and critically examining the primary
scientific literature. At the end of the course you will be:
-able to evaluate the relative impact of the current threats to the marine environment,
-aware of the tradeoffs and choices involved in attempting to conserve the marine environment,
-familiar with the current relevant topics in the field of marine conservation biology,
-able to search, read, critique and discuss orally and in writing the primary literature.
Leading a discussion, including an annotated bibliography: 30%.
I will grade based on the conceptual organization of your overview, the degree of insight


Source: Acevedo, Alejandro - Department of Biology, Western Washington University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology