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Analysis of Single Domain Particles

Summary: Analysis of Single
Domain Particles
Kevin Hayden
Winter `03
This paper came about because of my curiosity with magnets. I think every child
begins to wonder about the magic within two pieces of metal that stick to the refrigerator
and that also stick together or repel each other with just half a rotation. Feeling like I
know so little about magnets, which have huge impacts on life as we know it as well as
believing much, much more is to come from them, I sought out Dr. Carlos Garcia-
Cervera to guide me in studying them. I had previously found that he knows a great deal
about computer hard drives and therefore magnetism. The research was very interesting
and challenging and what I'm writing about is unlike anything I've ever attempted before.
Thank you very much for teaching, guiding, and pushing me through out the course
The purpose of this paper is to take my work and present it in a way that is
readable for anyone who would like to know some "basic" magnetic properties. There
will be a lot of Calculus involved, but hopefully the ideas and results will be clear even if
the reader has little or no experience with the math involved. Some things will be


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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