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February, 2005 To: Faculty, Staff, and Students

Summary: February, 2005
To: Faculty, Staff, and Students:
The Honor and Discipline Committee reports to the College twice each year about the
nature of the cases it has heard, the judgments it has made, and the penalties it has determined.
This report covers the meetings of the Committee which reviewed cases that occurred through
the end of Winter Study. Following this report is a report on disciplinary activity in the Dean's
Report of the Honor Committee
The Honor Committee consists of eight elected students, four faculty members, and the
Dean of the College. Only students vote on questions of guilt or innocence and on
recommendations to the Dean for penalties. Since September, the Honor Committee has heard
the following cases.
Report of the Honor Committee for fall and winter study:
1. Two first year students were accused of cheating on an exam in class. The evidence
inspired a difficult and lengthy debate by the Committee. The Committee's vote on the guilt of
the students did not meet the required margin of three-quarters, therefore no action was taken by
the Committee.
2. A senior was accused of consulting course material during an exam. The student's
testimony and the evidence easily convinced the Committee that the student had not referred to
course material during the exam and the student was found innocent.


Source: Aalberts, Daniel P. - Department of Physics, Williams College


Collections: Physics