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Introduction Turbo-Frodo is a general-purpose molecular modeling environment. It is

Summary: Introduction
Turbo-Frodo is a general-purpose molecular modeling environment. It is
designed for people who need to model de novo macromolecules,
polypeptides, and nucleic acids, by building up these macromolecules
from experimental X-ray crystallographic and NMR data and displaying
the resulting models in various forms. These forms include Van der
Waals and Connolly’s molecular dot surfaces as well as spline line
surfaces and secondary-structure representation. Compact views are
possible, including CPK, icosahedra, and ball-and-stick styles, either
individually or in various combinations.
Turbo-Frodo can color molecules, either objectively or subjectively, in
order to compare them with existing structures and to evaluate their
geometry. Turbo-Frodo can also fit and stack proteins, interactively
mutate or chemically modify a protein, and assess the resulting
conformational changes.
Turbo-Frodo reads and displays X-ray density maps. Electron density
maps are calculated using the Mappage program, which is supplied
along with Turbo-Frodo, giving a choice between 5 maps with 5 levels
displayed on the screen. Skeletal maps are used as templates to start
building up molecules with homologous protein fragments. A set of


Source: Andrews, Anne M. - Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine