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mSIGMA: an Efficient Handoff Scheme for Multi-Class Networks

Summary: mSIGMA: an Efficient Handoff Scheme for
Multi-Class Networks
Abu (Sayeem) Reaz1, Sifat Ferdousi2 and Mohammed Atiquzzaman3
1University of California, Davis, USA
2North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
3University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA
Email: asreaz@ucdavis.edu, sifat.m@gmail.com, atiq@ou.edu
Abstract-- Wireless networks are becoming more heteroge-
neous; different classes of networks co-exist and users want to
connect to any available network, anytime. So, it is important to
have a mobility management scheme that can manage handoff
for both inter-class and intra-class mobility so that the users can
connect to and roam between any network. We propose an end-to-
end mobility management scheme, Multi-class SIGMA (mSIGMA),
that performs soft handoff for inter-class and intra-class mobility
in wireless network. Our analysis shows mSIGMA performs
seamless handoff across networks with low delay and packet loss.
We have also shown though experimental analysis that mSIGMA
is implementable with existing networking technologies and can
perform handoff efficiently.


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences