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Turning Java into Hardware: Caffinated Compiler Construction

Summary: Turning Java into Hardware:
Caffinated Compiler Construction
C. Scott Ananian
March 24, 2002
Revision: 1.12
1 Introduction
This paper explores the design of a compiler for the
Java programming language. Unlike many compil-
ers, the target is hardware, not bytecodes or machine
instructions. Java's simplicity, object-orientation,
and strong typing make it well suited to class-based
hardware translation. It is also possible to leverage
Java's thread interfaces to model coarse-grain paral-
lelism in hardware. The goal is the efficient genera-
tion of hardware from a well-known general-purpose
programming language. The use of one specification
language for both the hardware and software compo-
nents of a system could also aid hardware-software
codesign; this may be explored in future work.
Java, as a general-purpose portable programming


Source: Ananian, C. Scott - One Laptop Per Child


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences