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Book Reviews Ecology, 87(8), 2006, pp. 21332134

Summary: Book Reviews
Ecology, 87(8), 2006, pp. 2133≠2134
” 2006 by the Ecological Society of America
Amstrup, Steven C., Trent L. McDonald, and Bryan F. J.
Manly, editors. 2005. Handbook of capture≠recapture analysis.
Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. xviii Ģ 313
p. $99.50 (cloth), ISBN: 0-691-08967-1 (alk. paper); $49.50
(paper), ISBN: 0-691-08968-X (alk. paper).
Key words: capture≠recapture; population size; recruitment
rate; statistical models; survival rate.
The aim of this book is to ``guide biologists toward a greater
appreciation of capture≠recapture methods in theory and
practice.'' The editors rightly felt there was a need to bridge
the gap between statistician and biologist in the understanding
of modern methods of capture≠recapture analysis. As the book
is primarily aimed at biologists, the editors have kept the
mathematical detail to a minimum, whilst also ensuring that
the interested reader is able to follow up on the derivations of
the methods from the extensive number of key references given


Source: Adl, Sina - Department of Biology, Dalhousie University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology