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A category of compositional domainmodels for separable Stone spaces #

Summary: A category of compositional domain­models for
separable Stone spaces #
Fabio Alessi (+) , Paolo Baldan (#) , Furio Honsell (+)
(+) Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica,
Universit‘a di Udine (Italy)
(#) Dipartimento di Informatica,
Universit‘a di Pisa (Italy)
{alessi,honsell}@dimi.uniud.it baldan@di.unipi.it
November 24, 2001
In this paper we introduce SFP M , a category of SFP domains which provides very sat­
isfactory domain­models, i.e. ``partializations'', of separable Stone spaces (2­Stone spaces).
More specifically, SFP M is a subcategory of SFP ep , closed under direct limits as well as
many constructors, such as lifting, sum, product and Plotkin powerdomain (with the no­
table exception of the function space constructor). SFP M is ``structurally well behaved'', in
the sense that the functor MAX, which associates to each object of SFP M the Stone space
of its maximal elements, is compositional with respect to the constructors above, and w­
continuous. A correspondence can be established between these constructors over SFP M
and appropriate constructors on Stone spaces, whereby SFP domain­models of Stone spaces
defined as solutions of a vast class of recursive equations in 2­Stone, can be obtained sim­


Source: Alessi, Fabio - Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica, Università degli Studi di Udine


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences