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Natura -Soc. it. Sci. nat. Museo civ. Stor. nat. Milano, 95 (2): 67-80 (2006) Fabio Mattioli*

Summary: Natura - Soc. it. Sci. nat. Museo civ. Stor. nat. Milano, 95 (2): 67-80 (2006)
Fabio Mattioli*
, Claudia Gili*
& Franco Andreone**
Economics of captive breeding applied to the conservation
of selected amphibian and reptile species from Madagascar
Abstract - The present study analyses the cost of breeding Malagasy amphibians and reptiles,
integrating research data with analysis of data collected from private owners and hobbyists. The
species under consideration were chosen as these are the ones most in demand in the commercial pet
trade, and are therefore the most frequently exported species from Madagascar. All the information
available on the reproductive biology of each species, and the costs of its captive management and
breeding, are organized in such a way that the cost of captive breeding of a single specimen can
be calculated. The market prices from different countries have been compared with the cost of a single
specimen and the conclusions consider the possibility of using captive breeding of selected species as
a tool for conservation management strategies.
Key words: amphibians, reptiles, economics, captive breeding, Madagascar, conservation.
Riassunto - Aspetti economici dell'allevamento in cattivitÓ applicato alla conservazione di alcune
specie selezionate di anfibi e di rettili del Madagascar.
╚ stata condotta un'analisi sui costi dell'allevamento in cattivitÓ di specie di anfibi e rettili del
Madagascar e i dati integrati dove necessario con quelli di allevatori privati. Le specie selezionate sono


Source: Andreone, Franco - Zoology Department, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology