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Processor Sharing Models for BluetoothBased File Sharing Urtzi Ayesta

Summary: Processor Sharing Models for Bluetooth­Based File Sharing
Urtzi Ayesta
and Daniele Miorandi

France Telecom R&D, email: {urtzi.ayesta@francetelecom.com }

INRIA Sophia Antipolis, email: {urtzi.ayesta,daniele.miorandi}@sophia.inria.fr

Dep. of Information Engineering, Univ. of Padova (Italy), email: daniele.miorandi@dei.unipd.it
Abstract-- In this paper we analyze the performance of a file
sharing system based on the Bluetooth technology. Files are stored
in a server to which clients may connect by setting up a Bluetooth
connection. Files are transmitted over the TCP/IP protocol suite, and
users alternate between activity and idle periods. In the first part of
the paper we concentrate on the simplest configuration, an isolated
piconet, and propose a processor sharing model for the computation
of the mean session delay for interactive users. Then, we focus on the
more complex scatternet configuration, and propose a discriminatory
processor sharing model which provides insight into the network


Source: Ayesta, Urtzi - Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes du CNRS


Collections: Engineering