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  1. Point Counter Point UAR Codons for Glutamine

    Biology and Medicine Websites

    Keeling, Patrick

    Point Counter Point UAR Codons for Glutamine P.J. Keeling and W.F. Doolittle (1996) reported that UAR (TAR) codons incorporate glutamine in Hexamiti- dae. They state that ``the particular variation it is thought to have been favored by the same directional mutation pressure that biased the genome

  2. UARS MLS V6 H2O Hugh C. Pumphrey

    Geosciences Websites

    it, processed the entire data set and validated the result. These data were sufficiently better than the then-current official data (V0004) that I released them for others to work with. As UARS file names had four digits and no other characters for the version number, I called this data V0104: it was my first

  3. GES DISC DAAC Data Guide:UARS HALOE Level 3AT Data Set Document

    Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

    GES DISC DAAC Data Guide:UARS HALOE Level 3AT Data Set Document Summary: The Halogen Occultation instrument uses solar HALOE uses the principle of satellite solar occultation to sound the stratosphere

  4. The UARS Microwave Limb Sounder version 5 data set: Theory, characterization, and validation

    Geosciences Websites

    . For each product, a description of relevant changes to the algorithms is given, along with an update on its 1991. The UARS instruments measure important aspects of the chemistry, dynamics and energy budget quantities by ground-based data processing software. This paper describes ``Version 5'' of this software

  5. Uso de hbitat del jagUar a escala regional en Un paisaje dominado por actividades hUmanas

    Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

    Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad

    101 Uso de hábitat del jagUar a escala regional en Un paisaje dominado por actividades hUmanas en, fragmentándolas y reduciendo el hábitat disponible para la fauna silvestre. Las poblaciones de jaguar han la Península de Yucatán mantiene la población más numerosa de jaguar en México. La conservación de la

  6. Studies of Ozone in the Lower Stratosphere from UARS Measurements

    Geosciences Websites

    Oxford, University of

    from Mt. Pinatubo. In addition, the correction for aerosol required use of the onion peeling optimal estimation approach to avoid vertical propagation of errors from the aerosol correction. The onion peeling. A vector- vector approach can be employed and provides better precision than an onion peeling approach

  7. Two-day wave observations of UARS Microwave Limb Sounder mesospheric water vapor and temperature

    Physics Websites

    Limpasuvan, Varavut

    decays. INDEX TERMS: 3332 Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics: Mesospheric dynamics; 3334 Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics: Middle atmosphere dynamics (0341, 0342); 3384 Meteorology and Atmospheric Dynamics

  8. UARS/MLS Cloud Ice Measurements: Implications for H2O Transport near the Tropopause

    Geosciences Websites

    Sherwood, Steven

    . G. READ Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California A. E. JIANG Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California (Manuscript tropopause cloud ice with more Corresponding author address: Dr. Dong L. Wu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  9. Geographical distribution and interseasonal variability of tropical deep convection: UARS MLS observations and analyses

    Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

    Wang, Bin

    observations and analyses Jonathan H. Jiang,1 Bin Wang,2 Kenshi Goya,3 Klemens Hocke,4 Stephen D. Eckermann,5 Jun Ma,6 Dong L. Wu,1 and William G. Read1 Received 8 May 2003; revised 21 November 2003; accepted 2, gravity waves, stratosphere-troposphere interaction, tropical meteorology Citation: Jiang, J. H., B. Wang

  10. Ahmet Burak Uar www.che.ncsu.edu/velevgroup/ucar.html abucar@ncsu.edu www.linkedin.com/in/aburakucar

    Chemistry Websites

    Velev, Orlin D.

    , USA - GPA: 3.55/4.00 2006-2007 B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Boaziçi University, TURKEY - GPA: 3.43/4.00 2002-2007 Istanbul Erkek High School, TURKEY, (with ABITUR Diploma) - GPA: 4.87/5.00 1994-2002 RESEARCH fluid flow in microfluidic channels Ak-kim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Yalova/Turkey July-August 2006

  11. JOURNALOF GEOPHYSICALRESEARCH,VOL. 104,NO. A1,PAGES165-175,JANUARY 1, 1999 A search of UARS data for ozone depletions caused by

    Geosciences Websites

    Jackman, Charles H.

    %duringthe veryintenseMay 1992event, consistentwithourpredictionusinganimprovedGoddardSpaceFlightCenter twoResearch,Inc.,Bowie,Maryland. 2Undercontractat NASAGoddardSpaceFlightCenter aLaboratoryforExtraterrestrialPhysics,NASAGoddardSpace Flight Center, Greenbe]t, Maryland. 4LaboratoryforAtmospheres,NASAGoddardSpaceFlightCen- ter, Greenbe

  12. j anuar y/f ebr uar y 2011, Vol . 87, no. 1 --The f or esTr y Chr oniCl e 99 Abiotic and biotic factors used to assess decline risk in red pine

    Renewable Energy Websites

    Hsiang, Tom

    . The single abiotic factor that distinguished healthy sites from diseased sites was C soil horizon pH, which and insect pests. The pH of the C horizon and the depth of the A and B horizons may be useful as indicators malades était le pH de l'ho- rizon C qui atteignait une moyenne de 8,35 sur les stations malades

  13. New Mexico State University University Accounts Receivable

    Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

    Johnson, Eric E.

    of Duties Assignment Schedules: 4. Is an appropriate endorsement stamp used? Department/Area: Manager sales, food sales, type of service, etc.): Reminder: no one person should have primary responsibility than one section. Please show stamp imprint below: Page 1 of 3 UAR, MSC 4570 uar@nmsu.edu Phone 646

  14. p-Fractals and Power Series -I Some 2 Variable Results

    Mathematics Websites

    Teixeira, Pedro

    -Kunz theory, we code the numbers deg(ua1 1 , . . . , uar r ) into a function u, which empirically satisfies) Suppose deg(u1, . . . , ur) ua1 1 , . . . , uar r ) depend on a1, . . . , ar? Question (2) has an easy answer when r = s, in which case deg(ua1 1 , . . . , uas s ) = deg(u1, . . . , us) · s i=1

  15. Available online at www.sciencedirect.com doi: lO.l016/SO273-1177(03)00731-2

    Geosciences Websites

    Jackman, Charles H.

    * ATMOSPHERIC PRODUCTS FROM THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE RESEARCH SATELLITE (UARS) Suraiya P. Ahmadl, James E. JohnsonlAtmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch, Code 916 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA ABSTRACT The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) was the first satellite to be launched under

  16. Interactive Prototyping for Ubiquitous Augmented Reality User Interfaces

    Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

    such as multiple users, input devices and displays. In contrast to WIMP user in- terfaces, in which much research. INTERACTION MANAGEMENT The WIMP assumption that input occurs sequentially does not hold for UAR any longer

  17. 2 1998-99 Annual Schedule of Classes Bruin Direct now required for credit balance refunds

    Geosciences Websites

    Point Average L&S Letters and Science, College of MIP Medical Insurance Plan OAC Office of Academic Devices for the Deaf TFT Theater, Film, and Television, School of TTY Teletypewriter UARS University . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Registration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Mandatory Medical

  18. SECO Programs 

    Texas A&M University - TxSpace

    Trevino, E.


    Energy Assessment (PEA) ? an Energy Assessment Report (EAR) ? a Utility Assessment Report (UAR) ? or a Systems Commissioning Report with the application The LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program ? Applicants are required to submit an Energy... Assessment Report (EAR) or a Utility Assessment Report (UAR), or a Systems Commissioning Report in order to enter into a loan contract with the State The LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program ? Recap ? 211 Loans ? 10 to higher education ? 86 to K-12...

  19. Robust and Accurate Features for Detecting and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Meysam Asgari, Alireza Bayestehtashk and Izhak Shafran

    Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

    Shafran, Izhak

    Robust and Accurate Features for Detecting and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders Meysam Asgari (UAR), of de- tecting autism spectrum disorder by 2.3% and classifying the disorder into four categories by 2.8% over the baseline results. Index Terms: speech analysis, autism spectrum disorder 1

  20. Name of Item Beginning Total Number

    Engineering Websites

    Johnson, Eric E.

    Name of Item Beginning Inventory Purchases (A)* Total Number for Sale Ending Inventory (B)* Number Sold Selling Price Total Sales Total Sales for Period Total Deposited for Period Over/Short for Period =+ =­ x = New Mexico State University University Accounts Receivable Inventory and Sales Control UAR-Inventory-And-Sales

  1. To record deposits or disbursements that have ten lines or less. (1) Cash Entry Information

    Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

    Johnson, Eric E.

    entering the amount. Description (required): This is a brief description of the item. Reference: Leave deposited. (2) Explanation: Provide a complete description/explanation for the JV. (3) Routing: All Cash Web - 23 PSL / TAAC - 22 Special Events & Theatre 06 17 SPA 07 - UAR/Cashier's Office 08 21 #12;New

  2. GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 22, NO. 17, PAGES 2385-2388, SEPTEMBER 1, 1995 Abstract. Temperature and H2O measurements from the Upper

    Physics Websites

    Limpasuvan, Varavut

    . Temperature and H2O measurements from the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite Microwave Limb Sounder (UARS identification and structure are based on spectral evidence and simple band-pass filtering of the data. To our and Analysis The temperature and H2O data are from soundings retrieved by the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS

  3. New Mexico State University University Accounts Receivable

    Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

    Johnson, Eric E.

    New Mexico State University University Accounts Receivable Department External Invoice UAR checks payable to: New Mexico State University. Please contact the department listed for services or items provided. NMSU Fed Tax ID #: 85-60000401. Remit Payment To: Department: MSC: New Mexico State

  4. New Mexico State University University Accounts Receivable

    Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

    Johnson, Eric E.

    New Mexico State University University Accounts Receivable Cash Fund Person Change UAR-Cash-Fund INFORMATION Requestor Name: Department Name: Phone: MSC: Request Date (mm/dd/yyyy): Total Cash Fund: $ E Printed Name Signature Date Business Office Approval Date Fund Custodian (Person responsible for Fund

  5. Photoabsorption in Hot Dense Plasmas W. R. Johnson

    Physics Websites

    Johnson, Walter R.

    electrons. The bound-electron contribution is b(r) = a fa(T) |ua(r)|2 , (1.4) where a ranges over all bound states. The factor fa(T) is the Fermi-Dirac factor fa(T) = 1 1 + exp[( a - µ)/kT] . The contribution from

  6. Quantitative prediction of 3D solution shape and flexibility of nucleic acid nanostructures Do-Nyun Kim1

    Materials Science Websites

    Dietz, Hendrik

    of (a) y is used in #12;Figure S on a squ (a) twist and mini strain en minimal, torsional bending S torsional whereas (Figure S suggests S1 Effect of l stiffness of stretching s S4) could be a value of 1 nick the recta when st deformat from the helix, the single-la S7 Investiga uare lattice ( ting, (b) bend imal

  7. How long does it take to catch a wild kangaroo?

    CERN Preprints

    Montenegro, Ravi


    The discrete logarithm problem asks to solve for the exponent $x$, given the generator $g$ of a cyclic group $G$ and an element $h\\in G$ such that $g^x=h$. We give the first rigorous proof that Pollard's Kangaroo method finds the discrete logarithm in expected time $(3+o(1))\\sqrt{b-a}$ when the logarithm $x\\in[a,b]$, and $(2+o(1))\\sqrt{b-a}$ when $x\\in_{uar}[a,b]$. This matches the conjectured time complexity and, rare among the analysis of algorithms based on Markov chains, even the lead constants 2 and 3 are correct.

  8. Seasonal variation of the mesospheric inversion layer, thunderstorms and mesospheric ozone over India

    CERN Preprints

    Fadnavis, S; Beig, G; Singh, R P; 10.1029/2006JD008379


    Temperature and ozone volume mixing ratio profiles obtained from the Halogen Occultation Experiment (HALOE) aboard the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) over India and over the open ocean to the south during the period 1991-2001 are analyzed to study the characteristic features of the Mesospheric Inversion Layer (MIL) at 70 to 85 km altitude and its relation with the ozone mixing ratio at this altitude. We have also analyzed both the number of lightning flashes measured by the Optical Transient Detector (OTD) onboard the MicroLab-1 satellite for the period April 1995 - March 2000 and ground-based thunderstorm data collected from 78 widespread Indian observatories for the same period to show that the MIL amplitude and thunderstorm activity are correlated. All the data sets examined exhibit a semiannual variation. The seasonal variation of MIL amplitude and the frequency of occurrence of the temperature inversion indicate a fairly good correlation with the seasonal variation of thunderstorms and the a...

  9. Grid-enabled SEE++, A Grid-Based Medical Decision Support System for Eye Muscle Surgery Conference

    CERN Preprints

    Schreiner, W.; Buchberger, M.; Kaltofen, T.


    JKU/RISC currently develops in cooperation with Upper Austrian Research (UAR) the SEE-GRID software system. SEE-GRID is based on the SEE++ software for the biomechanical 3D simulation of the human eye and its muscles. SEE++ simulates the common eye muscle surgery techniques in a graphic interactive way that is familiar to an experienced surgeon. SEE++ is world-wide the most advanced software for this purpose; it is used by various hospitals and medical doctors for surgery training and planning, SEE++ deals with the support of diagnosis and treatment of strabismus, which is the common name given to usually persistent or regularly occuring misalignment of the eyes. Strabismus is a visual defect in which eyes point in different directions. A person suffering from it may see double images due to misaligned eyes. SEE++ is able to simulate the result of the Hess-Lancaster test, from which the pathological reason of strabismus can be estimated. The outcome of such an examination is two gaze patterns of blue points a...

  10. Spectral irradiance variations: Comparison between observations and the SATIRE model on solar rotation time scales

    Astrophysics (arXiv)

    Yvonne C. Unruh; Natalie A. Krivova; Sami K. Solanki; Jerald W. Harder; Greg Kopp


    Aims: We test the reliability of the observed and calculated spectral irradiance variations between 200 and 1600 nm over a time span of three solar rotations in 2004. Methods: We compare our model calculations to spectral irradiance observations taken with SORCE/SIM, SoHO/VIRGO and UARS/SUSIM. The calculations assume LTE and are based on the SATIRE (Spectral And Total Irradiance REconstruction) model. We analyse the variability as a function of wavelength and present time series in a number of selected wavelength regions covering the UV to the NIR. We also show the facular and spot contributions to the total calculated variability. Results: In most wavelength regions, the variability agrees well between all sets of observations and the model calculations. The model does particularly well between 400 and 1300 nm, but fails below 220 nm as well as for some of the strong NUV lines. Our calculations clearly show the shift from faculae-dominated variability in the NUV to spot-dominated variability above approximately 400 nm. We also discuss some of the remaining problems, such as the low sensitivity of SUSIM and SORCE for wavelengths between approximately 310 and 350 nm, where currently the model calculations still provide the best estimates of solar variability.

  11. Supersingular Scattering

    Nuclear Theory (arXiv)

    T. Dolinszky


    In 'supersingular' scattering the potential $g^2U_A(r)$ involves a variable nonlinear parameter $A$ upon the increase of which the potential also increases beyond all limits everywhere off the origin and develops a uniquely high level of singularity in the origin. The problem of singular scattering is shown here to be solvable by iteration in terms of a smooth version of the semiclassical approach to quantum mechanics. Smoothness is achieved by working with a pair of centrifugal strengths within each channel. In both of the exponential and trigonometric regions, integral equations are set up the solutions of which when matched smoothly may recover the exact scattering wave function. The conditions for convergence of the iterations involved are derived for both fixed and increasing parameters. In getting regular scattering solutions, the proposed procedure is, in fact, supplementary to the Born series by widening its scope and extending applicability from nonsingular to singular potentials and from fixed to asymptotically increasing, linear and nonlinear, dynamical parameters.