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Point Counter Point UAR Codons for Glutamine

  Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

Summary: Point Counter Point UAR Codons for Glutamine P.J. Keeling and W.F. Doolittle (1996) reported that UAR (TAR) codons incorporate glutamine in Hexamiti- dae. They state that ``the particular variation became the sole chain termination codon and UAA and UAG were removed from the terminator sites

Keeling, Patrick


SMLTM simulations of the diurnal tide: comparison with UARS observations

  Physics Websites

Summary: SMLTM simulations of the diurnal tide: comparison with UARS observations R. A. Akmaev1 , V. A seasonal variations of tides, a dominant compo- nent of the MLT dynamics. Simulations with the Spectral with the observations. The diurnal tide is generated by forcing speci®ed at the model lower boundary and by in situ

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Uso de hbitat del jagUar a escala regional en Un paisaje dominado por actividades hUmanas

  Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

Summary: 101 Uso de hábitat del jagUar a escala regional en Un paisaje dominado por actividades hUmanas en, fragmentándolas y reduciendo el hábitat disponible para la fauna silvestre. Las poblaciones de jaguar han la Península de Yucatán mantiene la población más numerosa de jaguar en México. La conservación de la

Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad


http://uar.sagepub.com/ Urban Affairs Review

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: 2011Urban Affairs Review Kimberly L. Nelson and Karl Nollenberger Government Have an Effect? Conflict@niu.edu Conflict and Cooperation in Municipalities: Do Variations in Form of Government Have an Effect? Kimberly L. Nelson1 and Karl Nollenberger2 Abstract One measure of governance quality is the level of reported

Karonis, Nicholas T.


Studies of Ozone in the Lower Stratosphere from UARS Measurements

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: from Mt. Pinatubo. In addition, the correction for aerosol required use of the onion peeling optimal estimation approach to avoid vertical propagation of errors from the aerosol correction. The onion peeling. A vector- vector approach can be employed and provides better precision than an onion peeling approach

Oxford, University of


http://uar.sagepub.com Urban Affairs Review

  Engineering Websites

Summary: of: The Urban Politics Section, American Political Science Association can be found at:Urban Affairs on the political reality model to explain this gap, arguing that lower trust among Blacks stems from in the context of urban politics. Based on a sample of 104 municipalities we find that Black descriptive


Modeling the diurnal tide with dissipation derived from UARS/HRDI measurements

  Physics Websites

Summary: (1978), using updated inputs. The dissipation includes ion drag, molecular and eddy viscosity and conductivity, ion drag, and radiative damping are as discussed in Hagan et al. (1993) and Forbes (1982 and conductivity, radiative damping, and a formulation for gravity wave drag. The molecular viscosity

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Receptor current fluctuation analysis in the labeUar sugar receptor of the fleshfly


Summary: of the fleshfly were analyzed. The receptor current was recorded extracellularly as a drop in potential between the tip and the base of the taste sensillum. After treatment with tetrodotoxin, the taste cells completely lost their impulses but retained their receptor currents, thus facilitating analysis of the receptor current without disturbance by impulses. The current fluctuation increased markedly when the sensillum was stimulated with effective sugars: maltose, sucrose, and fructose. The fluctuation increased in parallel with development of the receptor current, which indicates that it occurs as soon as the sugar reaches the apex of the sensory process. Analysis of fluctuations by computation of autocorrelation functions (ACFs) or power spectra (PS) revealed that: (a) the variance (mean square) of fluctuation vs. sugar concentration curve reached a maximum, in contrast to the monotonic increase shown by the receptor current; (b) the ACF was approximated by an exponential term, and its time constant differed according to the sugars used and their concentrations. The time constants for fructose and maltose decreased with increases in sugar concentration. At the concentrations of sugars evoking the same magnitude of receptor current, the time constant for fructose was the largest and that for maltose was the smallest. It was strongly suggested that transduction ion channels are present at the tip region of the sensory process of the sugar receptor cell and are operated directly by sugars.

Hiromasa Kijima; Katsumi Nagata; Akihiko Nishiyama


Comparisons between Canadian prairie MF radars, FPI (green and OH lines) and UARS HRDI systems

  Physics Websites

Summary: continuing facility is at Saskatoon (52 N, 107 W). Statistical comparisons of hourly mean winds (1988±1992) for the Saskatoon MFR and FPI (557.7 nm green line) using scatter plots, wind speed-ratios, and direction winds and hourly means (to improve data quality) from MFR. Heights of best agreement, based upon

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Two-day wave observations of UARS Microwave Limb Sounder mesospheric water vapor and temperature

  Physics Websites

Summary: , doi:10.1029/2002JD002903, 2003. 1. Introduction [2] The two-day wave is a recurring phenomenon, 1994]. Because of its recurring nature and lack of known forcing mechanisms, the two-day wave has also- day wave to be particularly strong in the mesosphere despite the presence of strong thermal damping

Limpasuvan, Varavut



  Engineering Websites

Summary: CHECKLIST FOR THOSE GRADUATING IN CALENDAR YEAR 2013 Biotechnology Option Student Name: _ Student Number. Biotechnology Option: Biochemistry majors may earn an Option in Biotechnology by successfully completing BCRM 4784, Biotechnology Applications, in addition to the degree requirements in biochemistry. #BCHM 4784 (3

Virginia Tech



  Geosciences Websites

Summary: ) PROGRAM A. E.Dessler,· M.D. Burrage,2J.-U.Grooss,3 J.R.Holton,4J.L.Lean,5 S.T. Massie,6 M. R.Schoeberl7A. R Douglass,7! ? andC. H. Jackman7 Abstract. We presentscientifichighlightsfrom the Upper Atmosphere

Jackman, Charles H.


An intercomparison between the GSWM, UARS, and ground based radar observations: a case-study in January 1993

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: -dimensional linearized model capable of simulating the solar tides and planetary waves. In an eort to understand where the agreement is not particularly good. One such instance is for the semidi- urnal tide by the GSWM. Other dierences relating to the diurnal tide and the quasi-two-day wave are presented

Boyer, Edmond


0N tT 5 '. ctta.VtlvT |rnjs fu*t ;uar+fna

  Physics Websites

Summary: ;:n;'*,ktr*tv/n'r"n*'\\ *dt^j AQ=(nnn^)l f ^n/ewt o'b 'vlvobt ' ngqA: uthr* ,tA, t^/ ryee/ @ h f ' l ^ k ' * u I ti!{rtu**'.l;n*ifr*r{*;:il',rren aA' *r':*::n.";'l'^':*i:inlr:r;*il;'""ii;Ti'--rA A, =) f, = 0'4 ctu' A r\\ / - / -.' ,/ -t'/ ," ^,Q

del Barco, Enrique



  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: die Schraubenzieher aus der Hand", lacht Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Oliver Paschereit. An seinem Fachge Labor, in dem es entsteht, und erschüttert nicht das ganze Haus", erklärt Oliver Paschereit. Das turbine combustion with reduced Emissions Employing extreme Steam injection" von Oliver Paschereit

Wichmann, Felix


Ahmet Burak Uar www.che.ncsu.edu/velevgroup/ucar.html abucar@ncsu.edu www.linkedin.com/in/aburakucar

  Chemistry Websites

Summary: , USA - GPA: 3.55/4.00 2006-2007 B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Boaziçi University, TURKEY - GPA: 3.43/4.00 2002-2007 Istanbul Erkek High School, TURKEY, (with ABITUR Diploma) - GPA: 4.87/5.00 1994-2002 RESEARCH fluid flow in microfluidic channels Ak-kim Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., Yalova/Turkey July-August 2006

Velev, Orlin D.


Isotropic Distributions for 3-Dimension Rotations and One-Sample Bayes Inference.

  Open Access Theses and Dissertations

Summary: ??This dissertation discusses models for 3-dimensional orientations. A new Uniform-Axis- Random-Spin (UARS) family is developed and the corresponding Bayes inferences for all UARS distributions are (more)

Qiu, Yu


University of Victoria Department of Mathematics & Statistics

  Mathematics Websites

Summary: instructions how to proceed: http://web.uvic.ca/calendar2011/FACS/UnIn/UARe/AcCo.html and http://web.uvic.ca/calendar2011/FACS/UnIn/UARe/DeSt.html.. Students are strongly on academic integrity can be found at http://web.uvic.ca/calendar2011/FACS/UnIn/UARe/PoAcI.html

Diacu, Florin


p-Fractals and Power Series -I Some 2 Variable Results

  Mathematics Websites

Summary: -Kunz theory, we code the numbers deg(ua1 1 , . . . , uar r ) into a function u, which empirically satisfies) Suppose deg(u1, . . . , ur) ua1 1 , . . . , uar r ) depend on a1, . . . , ar? Question (2) has an easy answer when r = s, in which case deg(ua1 1 , . . . , uas s ) = deg(u1, . . . , us) · s i=1

Teixeira, Pedro


Likelihood and Bayes inference for a class of distributions on orientations in 3 dimensions.

  Open Access Theses and Dissertations

Summary: ??This dissertation concerns variation in 3-dimensional orientations (represented by 3 x 3 orthogonal matrices with positive determinant). The Uniform-Axis-Random-Spin (UARS) class of distributions for 3-dimensional (more)

Bingham, Melissa Ann


The Theory of Spiritual Capital as Social Capital

  University of Kansas - KU ScholarWorks

Summary: . Optimization Theory, in Introduction to Economic Dispatch, Short Course on "Computer Models and Stimulation Techniques for Power System Engineering," Purdue University, 1966. 6. "The Karush Characterization of Constrained Extrema." UAR Ministry...

El-Hodiri, Mohamed


UCLA ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP is made possible by a generous donation from the UCLA DREAM Fund. This prestigious scholarship is available only at

  Biology and Medicine Websites

Summary: of Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools (UARS). Selection Process: · All students who are designated students' eligibility for aid, a Financial Aid Award Letter (eFAN) will be generated in the summer (June

Guo, Ming


SECO Programs

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: Commitment ? a Preliminary Energy Assessment (PEA) ? an Energy Assessment Report (EAR) ? a Utility Assessment Report (UAR) ? or a Systems Commissioning Report with the application The LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program ? Applicants are required... to submit an Energy Assessment Report (EAR) or a Utility Assessment Report (UAR), or a Systems Commissioning Report in order to enter into a loan contract with the State The LoanSTAR Revolving Loan Program ? Recap ? 211 Loans ? 10 to higher...

Trevino, E.


Design of a cylinder chopper with a pneumatic airjet cleaner for sugarcane

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: and the feedrate to predict power requi rements. P = (EC)(FR) (l2) where P = power (KW) 42 TABLE 1. ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE TABLE FOR DEPENDENT VARIABLE EC Source of Degrees of Sum of Variation Freedom S uares F Value Si nificance Rep 5 R SxR V SxV Rx... of shearbar clearance on the energy coefficient. 45 TABLE 2. ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE TABLE FOR DEPENDENT VARIABLE P Source of Variation Degrees of Freedom Sum of S uares F Value Si nificance Rep 5 R SxR V SxV RxV SxRxV ERROR 2 2 1 2 2 4...

Reidenbach, Vincent George


Translating Set Theoretical Proofs into Type Theoretical Programs

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: show how to translate proofs of 02-sentences in the frag- ment of set theory KPI+U, which traditional proof theoretic analysis in type theory. It follows that KPI+Uand ML1W show the same 02* *pke- Platek style set theory KPI+Uare theorems of ML1W , Martin-L"of's Type Theory with W

Setzer, Anton


JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 100,NO. D1, PAGES 1027-1033,JANUARY 20, 1995 Relativistic electron fluxesin May 1992 and their effect

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: lossconeandlocally precipitatingelectrons showeddifferingbuildup and decay rates as a function of invariant latitude., 1986]. Since electronswith energies> 1 MeV can penetrate to altitudesof 50 km and below, they can reach low altitudes to penetrate into the atmo- sphere. From a low-altitude satellite like UARS, however

Jackman, Charles H.


Seasonal variation of gravity wave sources from satellite observation J.H. Jiang a,*, S.D. Eckermann b

  Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

Summary: Seasonal variation of gravity wave sources from satellite observation J.H. Jiang a,*, S Recent high-resolution satellite observations of gravity waves in the middle atmosphere have shown of gravity waves observed by the UARS MLS, while also showing some new results from GPS and AMSU instruments

Wang, Bin


7, 50535098, 2007 Comparison and

  Physics Websites

Summary: by the satellite limb sounders Aura/MLS, EN- VISAT/MIPAS, ENVISAT/GOMOS, SAGE-II, SAGE-III, UARS/HALOE are compared, the relative O3 differences are within a range of 50%. Larger deviations at upper altitudes are attributed

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Available online at www.sciencedirect.com doi: lO.l016/SO273-1177(03)00731-2

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch, Code 916 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA Ltd. All rights reserved. INTRODUCTION As a major element in NASA's comprehensive Upper Atmosphere* ATMOSPHERIC PRODUCTS FROM THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE RESEARCH SATELLITE (UARS) Suraiya P. Ahmadl, James E. Johnsonl

Jackman, Charles H.


Robust and Accurate Features for Detecting and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Meysam Asgari, Alireza Bayestehtashk and Izhak Shafran

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: Robust and Accurate Features for Detecting and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders Meysam Asgari (UAR), of de- tecting autism spectrum disorder by 2.3% and classifying the disorder into four categories by 2.8% over the baseline results. Index Terms: speech analysis, autism spectrum disorder 1

Shafran, Izhak


Atmos. Chem. Phys., 7, 41174131, 2007 www.atmos-chem-phys.net/7/4117/2007/

  Physics Websites

Summary: by the satellite limb sounders Aura/MLS, ENVISAT/MIPAS, EN- VISAT/GOMOS, SAGE-II, SAGE-III, UARS/HALOE are compared., 2006), ENVISAT/GOMOS (Meijer et al., 2004), SAGE-II (Nazaryan et al., 2005), SAGE-III (Polyakov et al

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Availableonline at www.sciencedirect.com I Pergamon SCIENCE DIRECT

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: 1991 by the Space Shuttle Discovery and continues to make relevant atmospheric measurements (as the Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-48). The UARS was the first satellite dedicated entirely to increasing 1991TO 2002 Charles H. Jackman and Anne R. Douglass Code 916, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Jackman, Charles H.


EI,~;I'NIER Comput. MethodsAppl. Mech. Engrg. 132 (1996) 195-227 Computermethods

  Engineering Websites

Summary: is formulated. In particttlar, time-discontinuousGalerkin and Galerkin Least that are discontinuous m t~me. For additional stability, least-~uares operators based on local residuals*.ratednumericallyin a simplecanonicalexample. I. Introduction In this paper a space-time finite element method based on a new time-discontinuous

Thompson, Lonny L.


Diurnal tidal variability in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere

  Physics Websites

Summary: ®cant dierences in measurement techniques, the HRDI (Hays et al., 1993) and WINDII (Shepherd et al., 1993 and meridional wind climatology that extends from 50 to 200 km (McLandress et al., 1996b). Similarly, two very.g., Hagan et al., 1995b). Conversely, pronounced dierences emerge when UARS MLT wind measurements

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Rponse de la moyenne atmosphre au cycle solaire 11 ans

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: ) solar UV Adapted from C. David #12;J. Mc (up to 0.01 nm) · J values stored in 3-dimensional lookup table$ ­ Impact of solar UV variability simulations de 30 ans en conditions max et min solaire ·Solar fluxes: SUSIM/UARS (courtesy L. Floyd- Gérard

Madeleine, Jean-Baptiste


Progress in Colloid & Polymer Science Progr Colloid Polym Sci 84:3--7 (1991) Spontaneous vesicle formation by mixed surfactants

  Materials Science Websites

Summary: formation by mixed surfactants S. A. Safranl'4), E C. MacKintosh1), P. A. Pincus2), and D. A. Andelman3) 1 of the surfactant bilayer, we show theoretically how the energetic stabilization of mixed vesicles can occur. In-water systems, non- equilibrium methods, such as sonication of lameUar liquid crystalline phases, are usually

Andelman, David


Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 25092517, 2008 www.atmos-chem-phys.net/8/2509/2008/

  Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

Summary: April 2008 ­ Published: 9 May 2008 COMMAND Abstract. SCIAMACHY limb scatter radiance measure- ments a ground based radiometer, MIPAS on board ENVISAT, HALOE on UARS and MLS on AURA. 2 SCIAMACHY limb measurements SCIAMACHY's (Bovensmann et al., 1999) local over- flight times vary mostly around 10:00 a

Meskhidze, Nicholas


8) Stratospheric equatorial variability a) Observations

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: speed. Phase lines inclined eastward when altitude increases indicating upward propation Signal field) Westward phase propagation but eastward group propagation Phase lines inclined westward Signal;5 Satellites wind observations (UARS, Swinbak et Ortland 1997) The Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (low stratosphere

Lott, Francois


letters to nature NATURE |VOL 406 |20 JULY 2000 |www.nature.com 293

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: -tropospheric water vapor from UARS MLS. Bull. Am. Met. Soc. 76, 2381± 2389 (1995); also at hhttp://mls. jpl. nasa. gov/joe/h2o_uptrop_djf_jja. htmli. 24. Susskind, J. et al. Characteristics of the TOVS Path®nder Path

Asmerom, Yemane


Solar irradiance models and measurements: a comparison in the 220 nm to 240 nm wavelength band

  CERN Preprints

Summary: Solar irradiance models that assume solar irradiance variations to be due to changes in the solar surface magnetic flux have been successfully used to reconstruct total solar irradiance on rotational as well as cyclical and secular time scales. Modelling spectral solar irradiance is not yet as advanced, and also suffers from a lack of comparison data, in particular on solar-cycle time scales. Here we compare solar irradiance in the 220 nm to 240 nm band as modelled with SATIRE-S and measured by different instruments on the UARS and SORCE satellites. We find good agreement between the model and measurements on rotational time scales. The long-term trends, however, show significant differences. Both SORCE instruments, in particular, show a much steeper gradient over the decaying part of cycle 23 than the modelled irradiance or that measured by UARS/SUSIM.

Unruh, Yvonne C; Krivova, Natalie A


VI.1) Description de la QBO Observation du vent zonal en moyenne zonale l'quateur

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: VI.1) Description de la QBO Observation du vent zonal en moyenne zonale à l'équateur Données UARS mésosphère et au dessus le vent présente des oscillations de période semi-annuelle, liées (en partie) au chauffage et la circulation dans l'atmosphère moyenne voir cours I) Dans la stratosphère, les vents

Spiga, Aymeric


CSE 525 Randomized Algorithms & Probabilistic Analysis Winter 2008 Lecture 9: February 6

  Mathematics Websites

Summary: : James R. Lee Scribe: Evan Herbst, Aniruddh Nath Disclaimer: These notes have not been subjected , Pr[X (1 + )µ] = Pr[X n 2 + t] e- 2t2 3n Since the hypercube vertex was chosen u.a.r., this tells of this result for the end. Lemma 9.2 Consider the map F : Rn R given by F(x) = x1...k 2, k R

Lee, James R.


The design and analysis of a thermal mass groundwater flowmeter

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: THE DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF A THERMAL MASS GROUNDWATER FLOWMETER A Thesis by LENLY JOSEPH WEATHERS Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas AgcM University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of MASTER... OF SCIENCE December 1990 Major Subject: Civil Engineering THE DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF A THERMAL MASS GROUNDWATER FLOWMETER A Thesis by LENLY JOSEPH WEATHERS Approved as to style and content by: St uar atterman (Chair of Committee) W es (M er...

Weathers, Lenly Joseph


Use of ICP/MS with Ultrasonic Nebulizer for Routine Determination

  Multidisciplinary Databases and Resources Websites

Summary: contaminant levels for drinking water. Uranium isotopes could reveal sources of the uranium or processes in Natural Water T H O M A S F . K R A E M E R , * , M I C H A E L W . D O U G H T E N , A N D T H O M that allows precise determination of 234U/238U activity ratios (UAR) in most natural waters using commonly


Effets compars de rgimes base de tourteaux de soja ou de colza sur la teneur en histamine de la paroi du tube digestif de rat : rle de la flore totale, par J. F. HUNEAU,J. F. HUNEAU,

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: Effets comparés de régimes à base de tourteaux de soja ou de colza sur la teneur en histamine de la présence d'une flore intestinale modifiait la teneur en histamine de la paroi du tube digestif du rat nourri avec un régime commercial (UAR). La paroi de l'intestin grêle du rat axénique contient moins d'histamine

Boyer, Edmond


The use of solvent extraction in trace metal analysis by atomic absorption spectroscopy

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: of the mcouir'amer. ts cr the ceSr ee o J "" . uar'&I Major S&uh&oct: Chemis'. ":y THE USE OF SOLVENT EXTRACTION IN TRACE METAL ANALYSIS BY ATOMIC ABSORPTION SPECTROSCOPY A Thesis By Raymond Douglas Eddy Approved as to style and content by (Chai n of Co... is Procedure C OliCLUS TONS LIST OF TABLES TABLE Page I. Aspiration Time of Selected Solvents l6 II. Uncorrected Absorbance Measurements of Extractions at D fferent Concentrations of Reagents in Methyl Isobutyl Ketone . . . . . . . . . . . 22 III...

Eddy, Raymond Douglas


Heat Recovery Considerations for Process Heaters and Boilers

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: " lleat ltacovery ConddereUonl for Proce.. lIIeure and Boilere Aab ~u.ar. PIDnzo11 Co~any, Shreveport, Louililnl Thl lorleet sinlle orel for indultrid enerlY conservation 1. in the IliprovelDll:nt of cOlibultlon efHciencies for hestere... insure better l\\p~ra[ illD. ~ldidr ,apit<:ll e::q..\\elldilurcti art! required to add heat rransfer soria,'tO, hut payout is good, rrnm 1-3 years hd!:i~J dll rllel !:idvillg~. ~lU'lh)l)S OF IIEAT RECOVERY _.. "-_. ---_....? _._-------_. rhe engint...

Kumar, A.


How long does it take to catch a wild kangaroo?

  CERN Preprints

Summary: The discrete logarithm problem asks to solve for the exponent $x$, given the generator $g$ of a cyclic group $G$ and an element $h\\in G$ such that $g^x=h$. We give the first rigorous proof that Pollard's Kangaroo method finds the discrete logarithm in expected time $(3+o(1))\\sqrt{b-a}$ when the logarithm $x\\in[a,b]$, and $(2+o(1))\\sqrt{b-a}$ when $x\\in_{uar}[a,b]$. This matches the conjectured time complexity and, rare among the analysis of algorithms based on Markov chains, even the lead constants 2 and 3 are correct.

Montenegro, Ravi


Seasonal variation of the mesospheric inversion layer, thunderstorms and mesospheric ozone over India

  CERN Preprints

Summary: Temperature and ozone volume mixing ratio profiles obtained from the Halogen Occultation Experiment (HALOE) aboard the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) over India and over the open ocean to the south during the period 1991-2001 are analyzed to study the characteristic features of the Mesospheric Inversion Layer (MIL) at 70 to 85 km altitude and its relation with the ozone mixing ratio at this altitude. We have also analyzed both the number of lightning flashes measured by the Optical Transient Detector (OTD) onboard the MicroLab-1 satellite for the period April 1995 - March 2000 and ground-based thunderstorm data collected from 78 widespread Indian observatories for the same period to show that the MIL amplitude and thunderstorm activity are correlated. All the data sets examined exhibit a semiannual variation. The seasonal variation of MIL amplitude and the frequency of occurrence of the temperature inversion indicate a fairly good correlation with the seasonal variation of thunderstorms and the a...

Fadnavis, S; Beig, G; Singh, R P; 10.1029/2006JD008379


A comparison of silage and grain yields of four corn hybrids at three locations in Texas

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: Looations (L) Bsplioations (R) SxL SxR Varieties (V) gape Tao hybrids Texas hybrids Vzg VxL VxLx8 VzR VxgxR Degrees of fr?edna 47 1 1 9 4 18 3 1 6 6 12 27 Sons of sqIlsres 1547. 59 43. 70 4L27 2, 18 169+30 376. 63 1L05 1... Table 15. Gomhined analysis of variance of lodging percentage for the three locationsi Source of variation Degrees of Sum of i&ean freedom uares ares Total Spacings (S) Linear component ~tic component Locations (L) Replications (R) SxL SxR...

Spears, Ben Riley


Grid-enabled SEE++, A Grid-Based Medical Decision Support System for Eye Muscle Surgery Conference

  CERN Preprints

Summary: JKU/RISC currently develops in cooperation with Upper Austrian Research (UAR) the SEE-GRID software system. SEE-GRID is based on the SEE++ software for the biomechanical 3D simulation of the human eye and its muscles. SEE++ simulates the common eye muscle surgery techniques in a graphic interactive way that is familiar to an experienced surgeon. SEE++ is world-wide the most advanced software for this purpose; it is used by various hospitals and medical doctors for surgery training and planning, SEE++ deals with the support of diagnosis and treatment of strabismus, which is the common name given to usually persistent or regularly occuring misalignment of the eyes. Strabismus is a visual defect in which eyes point in different directions. A person suffering from it may see double images due to misaligned eyes. SEE++ is able to simulate the result of the Hess-Lancaster test, from which the pathological reason of strabismus can be estimated. The outcome of such an examination is two gaze patterns of blue points a...

Schreiner, W.; Buchberger, M.; Kaltofen, T.


Spectral irradiance variations: Comparison between observations and the SATIRE model on solar rotation time scales

  Astrophysics (arXiv)

Summary: Aims: We test the reliability of the observed and calculated spectral irradiance variations between 200 and 1600 nm over a time span of three solar rotations in 2004. Methods: We compare our model calculations to spectral irradiance observations taken with SORCE/SIM, SoHO/VIRGO and UARS/SUSIM. The calculations assume LTE and are based on the SATIRE (Spectral And Total Irradiance REconstruction) model. We analyse the variability as a function of wavelength and present time series in a number of selected wavelength regions covering the UV to the NIR. We also show the facular and spot contributions to the total calculated variability. Results: In most wavelength regions, the variability agrees well between all sets of observations and the model calculations. The model does particularly well between 400 and 1300 nm, but fails below 220 nm as well as for some of the strong NUV lines. Our calculations clearly show the shift from faculae-dominated variability in the NUV to spot-dominated variability above approximately 400 nm. We also discuss some of the remaining problems, such as the low sensitivity of SUSIM and SORCE for wavelengths between approximately 310 and 350 nm, where currently the model calculations still provide the best estimates of solar variability.

Yvonne C. Unruh; Natalie A. Krivova; Sami K. Solanki; Jerald W. Harder; Greg Kopp


Supersingular Scattering

  Nuclear Theory (arXiv)

Summary: In 'supersingular' scattering the potential $g^2U_A(r)$ involves a variable nonlinear parameter $A$ upon the increase of which the potential also increases beyond all limits everywhere off the origin and develops a uniquely high level of singularity in the origin. The problem of singular scattering is shown here to be solvable by iteration in terms of a smooth version of the semiclassical approach to quantum mechanics. Smoothness is achieved by working with a pair of centrifugal strengths within each channel. In both of the exponential and trigonometric regions, integral equations are set up the solutions of which when matched smoothly may recover the exact scattering wave function. The conditions for convergence of the iterations involved are derived for both fixed and increasing parameters. In getting regular scattering solutions, the proposed procedure is, in fact, supplementary to the Born series by widening its scope and extending applicability from nonsingular to singular potentials and from fixed to asymptotically increasing, linear and nonlinear, dynamical parameters.

T. Dolinszky


Plurivesicular secretory processes and nerve endings in the pineal gland of the rat


Summary: The pineal body of white normal rats, 1.5 to 3 months old, was studied under the electron microscope. A single type of parenchymal cell--the pinealocyte--is recognized as the main component of the tissue, and some of the structural characteristics of the nucleus and cytoplasm are described. The main morphological characteristic of the pinealocytes is represented by club-shaped perivascular expansions connected to the cell by thin pedicles. They are found lying in a large, clear space surrounding the blood capillaries. The name plurivesicular secretory processes is proposed, to emphasize the main structural feature and the probable function of these cellular expansions. A tubulofibriUar component is mainly found in the pedicle, and within the expansion there are numerous small mitochondria and densily packed vesicles of about 425 A. Two types of vesicles, one with a homogeneous content and another with a very dense osmium deposit, are described. Between the two types there are intermediary forms. In these processes, mitochondria show profound changes which may lead to complete vacuolization. The significance of this plurivesicular secretory component is discussed in the light of recent work on the biogenic amines of the pineal body

Eduardo De Robertis; Amanda Pellegrino De


Ch/amydomonas flagella. I. Isolation and electrophoretic analysis of microtubules, matrix, membranes, and mastigonemes


Summary: Methods were developed for the isolauon of Chlarnygomonas flagella and for their fractionation into membrane, mastigoneme, "matrix, " and axoneme components. Each component was studied by electron microscopy and acrylamide gel electrophoresis. Purified membranes retained their tripartite ultrastructure and were shown to contain one high molecular weight protein band on electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-urea gels. Isolated mastigonemes (hairlike structures which extend laterally from the flageUar membrane m situ) were of uniform size and were constructed of ellipsoidal subunits joined end to end. Electrophoretic analysis of mastigonemes indicated that they contained a single glycoprotein of ~- ~ 170,000 daltons The matrix fraction contained a number of proteins (particularly those of the amorphous material surrounding the microtubules), which became solubilized during membrane removal. Isolated axonemes retained the intact "'9-1- 2 " microtubular structure and could be subfractionated by treatment with heat or detergent. Increasing concentrations of detergent solubilized axonemal microtubules in the following order: one of the two central tubules; the remaining central tubule and the outer wall of the B tubule; the remaining portions of the B tubule; the outer wall of the A tubule; the remainder of the A tubule with the exception of a ribbon of three protofilaments. These three protofilaments appeared to be the "partition " between the lumen of the A and B tubule. Electrophoretic analysis of isolated outer doublets of 9-1- 2 flagella of wild-type cells and of ':9-t- 0 " flagella of paralyzed mutants indicated that the outer doublets and central tubules were composed of two microtubule proteins (tubuhns 1 and 2) Tubulins 1 and 2 were shown to have apparent molecular weights of 56,000 and 53,000 respectively

G. B. Witman; K. Carlson; J. Berliner; Joel L. Rosenbaum

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