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SMLTM simulations of the diurnal tide: comparison with UARS observations

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Summary: SMLTM simulations of the diurnal tide: comparison with UARS observations R. A. Akmaev1 , V. A seasonal variations of tides, a dominant compo- nent of the MLT dynamics. Simulations with the Spectral with the observations. The diurnal tide is generated by forcing speci®ed at the model lower boundary and by in situ

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Modeling the diurnal tide with dissipation derived from UARS/HRDI measurements

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Summary: Modeling the diurnal tide with dissipation derived from UARS/HRDI measurements M. A. Geller1 , V. A UARS/HRDI observations in a recently published diurnal-tide model. These model structures compare quite the annual variation of the diurnal tide. 1 Introduction The diurnal tide in the mesosphere

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Thermal tides and studies to tune the mechanistic tidal model using UARS observations

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: Thermal tides and studies to tune the mechanistic tidal model using UARS observations V. A. Yudin1 Abstract. Monthly simulations of the thermal diurnal and semidiurnal tides are compared to High analysis/interpretation for tides, dissipation, and mean ¯ow using a combination of model results

Boyer, Edmond


Two-day wave observations of UARS Microwave Limb Sounder mesospheric water vapor and temperature

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Summary: Two-day wave observations of UARS Microwave Limb Sounder mesospheric water vapor and temperature Carolina, USA Dong L. Wu Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena 2003. [1] A two-day wave disturbance is observed in the mesospheric temperature and water vapor

Limpasuvan, Varavut


http://uar.sagepub.com/ Urban Affairs Review

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: 2011Urban Affairs Review Kimberly L. Nelson and Karl Nollenberger Government Have an Effect? Conflict@niu.edu Conflict and Cooperation in Municipalities: Do Variations in Form of Government Have an Effect? Kimberly L. Nelson1 and Karl Nollenberger2 Abstract One measure of governance quality is the level of reported

Karonis, Nicholas T.


Studies of Ozone in the Lower Stratosphere from UARS Measurements

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Summary: from Mt. Pinatubo. In addition, the correction for aerosol required use of the onion peeling optimal estimation approach to avoid vertical propagation of errors from the aerosol correction. The onion peeling. A vector- vector approach can be employed and provides better precision than an onion peeling approach

Oxford, University of


UARS/MLS Cloud Ice Measurements: Implications for H2O Transport near the Tropopause

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Summary: . G. READ Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California A. E. JIANG Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California (Manuscript ice clouds and are sensitive to ice crystals of convective origin. Rough ice water content (IWC

Sherwood, Steven


Comparisons between Canadian prairie MF radars, FPI (green and OH lines) and UARS HRDI systems

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Summary: Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada S7N 5E2 2 Space Physics Research Lab., University related to the in¯uence of gravity waves (GW) upon the optical and radar systems, each of which have

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Quantum Requirement for Photosynthesis in Chlorophyll-Deficient Plants with Unusual LameUar Structures


Summary: ABSTRACT Neither an over-all deficiency of chlorophyll, nor an increased enzymatic capacity for maximal rates, nor an unusual lamellar structure was found to change the number of quanta required for the evolution of one molecule of oxygen in healthy aurea mutants of tobacco. The average minimal quantum number remains l0 (efficiency 0.1) as in many algae and typical higher plants. Most of the time the optimal efficiency depends on the availability of some farred radiation, particularly in the blue region of the spectrum where blue light alone is rather inefficient. These results fit an explanation offered earlier in connection with the hydrogen or acetate photometabolism of algae in far-red light.

Georg H. Schmid; Hans Gaffron



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Summary: CHECKLIST FOR THOSE GRADUATING IN CALENDAR YEAR 2013 Biotechnology Option Student Name: _ Student Number. Biotechnology Option: Biochemistry majors may earn an Option in Biotechnology by successfully completing BCRM 4784, Biotechnology Applications, in addition to the degree requirements in biochemistry. #BCHM 4784 (3

Virginia Tech


Uso de hbitat del jagUar a escala regional en Un paisaje dominado por actividades hUmanas

  Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

Summary: disminuido a lo largo de su distribución debido principalmente por la pérdida del hábitat. La Selva Maya en (poblados y caminos) sobre el jaguar en la Selva Maya del sur de la Península de Yucatán. Para determinar, reservas, Selva Maya, Calakmul, Península de Yucatán. Abstract Habitat encroachment by human activities has

Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad


An intercomparison between the GSWM, UARS, and ground based radar observations: a case-study in January 1993

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: -dimensional linearized model capable of simulating the solar tides and planetary waves. In an eort to understand where the agreement is not particularly good. One such instance is for the semidi- urnal tide by the GSWM. Other dierences relating to the diurnal tide and the quasi-two-day wave are presented

Boyer, Edmond


Ahmet Burak Uar www.che.ncsu.edu/velevgroup/ucar.html abucar@ncsu.edu www.linkedin.com/in/aburakucar

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Summary: -513-4648 OBJECTIVE A full-time R&D / Engineering position which will allow me to contribute my technical and interpersonal skills EDUCATION Ph.D. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University, USA - GPA: 3.85/4.00 2007-2013 M.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State

Velev, Orlin D.


JOURNALOF GEOPHYSICALRESEARCH,VOL. 104,NO. A1,PAGES165-175,JANUARY 1, 1999 A search of UARS data for ozone depletions caused by

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: dataobservedat geosynchronousorbit, HRE events are mostpronouncedduringthe decliningphaseof the ·NomadResearch,Inc.,Bowie,MarylandLaboratoryforExtraterrestrialPhysics,NASAGoddardSpace Flight Center, Greenbe]t, Maryland. 4LaboratoryforAtmospheres,NASAGoddardSpaceFlightCen- ter, Greenbe]t, Maryland. 5SpacePhysicsDepartment,LockheedMartin AdvancedTech- nology Division, Palo Alto, California

Jackman, Charles H.



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Summary: mit Turbine, Verdichter, Brennkammer, mit Feuer, viel Edelstahl, Rohren und Schläuchen geht es laut Umweltverträglichkeit. Gas- und Windkraftwerke stehen dabei ebenso im Fokus wie Flugzeugtriebwerke. ,,Wir mussten die Energielabor beher- bergt auch zwei neue Versuchsstände des Sonderforschungsbereiches (Sfb) ,,TurbIn", dessen

Wichmann, Felix


j anuar y/f ebr uar y 2011, Vol . 87, no. 1 --The f or esTr y Chr oniCl e 99 Abiotic and biotic factors used to assess decline risk in red pine

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Summary: in southern Ontario, Canada. Concentrated and diffuse mortality as well as windthrow of living trees were and greater susceptibility to drought stress, rendering trees less resistant to root disease pathogens enracinement plus superficiel et une plus grande susceptibilité au stress hydrique, faisant en sorte que les

Hsiang, Tom


Annales Geophysicae, 23, 11311137, 2005 SRef-ID: 1432-0576/ag/2005-23-1131

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Summary: and temperatures as measured by UARS F. T. Huang1, H. G. Mayr2, and C. A. Reber2 1Terranet Inc., Mitchelville Introduction In the High Resolution Doppler Imager (HRDI) measure- ments on UARS at 95 km altitude, Huang local solar time and day of Correspondence to: F. T. Huang (fthuang@comcast.net) year, which produced

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Available online at www.sciencedirect.com doi: lO.l016/SO273-1177(03)00731-2

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch, Code 916 NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA instruments dedicated entirely to increase the understanding of chemistry and dynamics of the Earth before the end of the UARS mission. The UARS data and atmospheric chemistry and dynamics data from other

Jackman, Charles H.


MERRA Data Access and Stephen Berrick GES DISC, NASA GSFC

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: MERRA Data Access and Services Stephen Berrick GES DISC, NASA GSFC Dana Ostrenga GES DISC, NASA/MLS/OMI, GLDAS, SORCE, TOMS, TOVS, TRMM, and UARS. Services include Mirador search and order, Giovanni online


Some New Modeling and (Mostly Bayes) Inference for 3-D Orientations/Rotations

  Mathematics Websites

Summary: positions on a metal surface Figure: Grain map from a scan of a nickel specimen, orientation readings every rotation by O Figure: World axes (black) and several random perturbations. SBV (ISU) UARS Modeling

Vardeman, Stephen B.


JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV Colloque C2, supplCmentau Journal de Physique 111,Volume 5, fkvrier 1995

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Summary: Physique et Mkcanique des Matkriaux (UAR CNRS 1215),Znstitut Supkrieur de Ge'nie Mk- canique et Productique whcrc the stress distribution is, in many cases, inhomogeneous. In this work, structure calculations

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


ACRIM-gap and TSI trend issue resolved using a surface magnetic flux TSI proxy model

  Mathematics Websites

Summary: -called ACRIM-gap). ACRIM1 and ACRIM2 were intended to initiate a TSI monitoring overlap strategy designed of the UARS payload on the shuttle, was delayed by the Challenger disaster, and eventually deployed about two

Scafetta, Nicola


Optical Properties of Plasmas Based on an Average-Atom Walter Johnson, Notre Dame University

  Biology and Medicine Websites

Summary: Optical Properties of Plasmas Based on an Average-Atom Model Walter Johnson, Notre Dame University of generalized Thomas-Fermi model3 Inside a neutral (Wigner-Seitz) cell: p2 2m - Z r + V ua(r) = ua(r) (1) V) where f( ) = 1 1 + exp[( - µ)/kT ] The chemical potential µ is chosen to insure electric neutrality: Z

Johnson, Walter R.


Tropical Dynamics near the Stratopause: the Two-day Wave and Its Relatives

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Summary: Tropical Dynamics near the Stratopause: the Two-day Wave and Its Relatives by Varavut Limpasuvan;#12;University of Washington Abstract Tropical Dynamics near the Stratopause: the Two-day Wave and Its Relatives of Atmospheric Sciences The two-day wave is observed in the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) Microwave

Limpasuvan, Varavut


Two-dimensional model simulations of the QBO in ozone and tracers in the tropical stratosphere

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: stratosphere via the strong temperature dependence of the ozone loss reaction rates. We also find that the QBO of the 2-D model and the UKMO and UARS input data sets. We find that using different heating rate calculations in the model affects the interannual and QBO amplitudes in the constituent fields, but has little

Jackman, Charles H.


Robust and Accurate Features for Detecting and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Meysam Asgari, Alireza Bayestehtashk and Izhak Shafran

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: Robust and Accurate Features for Detecting and Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders Meysam Asgari experiments on the Interspeech 2013 Autism Challenge, which comprises of two subtasks ­ detect- ing children (UAR), of de- tecting autism spectrum disorder by 2.3% and classifying the disorder into four

Shafran, Izhak


JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICALRESEARCH,VOL. 103,NO. D1, PAGES1607-1618,JANUARY 20, 1998 Interhemispheric asymmetry in the 1 mbar 03 trend

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: asymmetry in the 1 mbar 03 trend: An analysis using an interactive zonal mean model and UARS data D. B[Hoodet al., 1993]. A mechanism is presentedthat producesan interhemisphericOs trend asymmetry similar mechanism.The model O· trend asymmetry is mainly due to interhemisphericdifferencesin oddchlorine

Jackman, Charles H.


Annales Geophysicae (2002) 20: 18771890 c European Geosciences Union 2002 Geophysicae

  Physics Websites

Summary: Global distributions of diurnal and semi-diurnal tides: observations from HRDI-UARS of the MLT region A September­October (1994) are shown. The 24-h diurnal tide that maximizes near the 20­25 lat- itude has are very clear over the oceans. In contrast, the 12-h semi-diurnal tides that maximize near the 40

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 9, 05089, 2007 SRef-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU2007-A-05089

  Physics Websites

Summary: © European Geosciences Union 2007 Modeling the effects of solar flares on the ionosphere of Mars P. Withers (withers@bu.edu / Fax: +1 617 353 6463) Increased fluxes of X-rays during solar flares have been observed, UARS SOLSTICE, GOES, and other observations. For a short period at the peak of a large solar flare, X

Withers, Paul


8) Stratospheric equatorial variability a) Observations

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: speed. Phase lines inclined eastward when altitude increases indicating upward propation Signal field) Westward phase propagation but eastward group propagation Phase lines inclined westward Signal;5 Satellites wind observations (UARS, Swinbak et Ortland 1997) The Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (low stratosphere

Lott, Francois


Journal of Theoretical Probability, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1992 Characterizations of Monotone and

  Mathematics Websites

Summary: ~B--~c(AuB)>/c(A)+c(B), and r-monotone if, sequence A1 ..... A r of subsets of X, C(Alu "" uAr)>~ ~ (-1)l'l-l c(,~iAi) lc {i is superadditive (see Papamarcou and Fine(5)). Shapley (7) has proved, however, that 2-monotonicity of c

Wagner, Carl


Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 25092517, 2008 www.atmos-chem-phys.net/8/2509/2008/

  Environmental Sciences and Ecology Websites

Summary: April 2008 ­ Published: 9 May 2008 COMMAND Abstract. SCIAMACHY limb scatter radiance measure- ments a ground based radiometer, MIPAS on board ENVISAT, HALOE on UARS and MLS on AURA. 2 SCIAMACHY limb measurements SCIAMACHY's (Bovensmann et al., 1999) local over- flight times vary mostly around 10:00 a

Meskhidze, Nicholas


Rponse de la moyenne atmosphre au cycle solaire 11 ans

  Geosciences Websites

Summary: ) solar UV Adapted from C. David #12;J. Mc (up to 0.01 nm) · J values stored in 3-dimensional lookup table$ ­ Impact of solar UV variability simulations de 30 ans en conditions max et min solaire ·Solar fluxes: SUSIM/UARS (courtesy L. Floyd- Gérard

Madeleine, Jean-Baptiste


British Journal of Cancer (2001) 84(1), 9093 British Journal of Cancer (2001) 84(1), 9093

  Physics Websites

Summary: controlled (12 h /12 h and 22 ± 2°C). Powdered AIN 76 diet (UAR, Villemoisson, France) and drinking water randomized to 3 groups of 10 rats fed pellets of AIN76 diet, and drinking water pure or supplemented with 5 copolymers were tested in rodents, after an azoxymethane injection. Dietary pluronic F68 led to a 98

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Validation of HRDI MLT winds with meteor radars , T. Tsuda2

  Physics Websites

Summary: of simultaneous wind measurements at the time of UARS overpasses. Statistical tests on the dierence in the wind vectors observed by HRDI and the meteor radars are applied to determine whether the wind speed has been wind vector components as well as wind speeds, and two nonparametric tests suitable for testing

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Paul Tseng . Sangwoon Yun A Coordinate Gradient Descent

  Optimization Online

Summary: of ( 1 ) that has attracted much interest in signal?? image denoising and data min- ing?? classi .... a local Lipschitzian error bound on the distance to the set of stationary points ?? holds and the isocost surfaces of ?° restricted to ?? are properly separated , ..... Then , by completing the s ) uare on the fi rst two terms , we have. ¨ U.


CS271 Randomness & Computation Fall 2011 Lecture 3: September 1

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: between the parties. Algorithm Alice picks a prime number u.a.r. from the set {2, . . . , T}, where| is an n-bit number, so the number of primes p that divide it is (crudely) at most n (each prime is at least 2). Thus the probability of error is at most n (T ) , where (x) is defined as the number of primes

California at Berkeley, University of


Validation of HRDI MLT winds with meteor radars


Summary: Abstract. A validation study of the mesospheric and lower-thermospheric (MLT) wind velocities measured by the High-Resolution Doppler Imager (HRDI) on board the Upper-Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) has been carried out, comparing with observations by meteor radars located at Shigaraki, Japan and Jakarta, Indonesia. The accuracy of the HRDI winds relative to the meteor radars is obtained by a series of simultaneous wind measurements at the time of UARS overpasses. Statistical tests on the di€erence in the wind vectors observed by HRDI and the meteor radars are applied to determine whether the wind speed has been overestimated by HRDI (or underestimated by the MF radars) as previously noticed in HRDI vs. MF radar comparisons. The techniques employed are the conventional

F. Hasebe; T. Tsuda; T. Nakamura; M. D. Burrage



  Mathematics Websites

Summary: of the holonomy Lie alge- bra, U(hA), equals the linear strand, R = p0 Up 0 , of the Yoneda algebra U = UarXiv:math.AT/0502417v222Jul2005 ON THE HOMOTOPY LIE ALGEBRA OF AN ARRANGEMENT GRAHAM DENHAM1 AND ALEXANDER I. SUCIU2 Abstract. Let A be a graded-commutative, connected k-algebra generated in degree 1



  Mathematics Websites

Summary: of the holonomy Lie alge- bra, U(hA ), equals the linear strand, R = L p#21;0 U p 0 , of the Yoneda algebra U = UarXiv:math.AT/0502417 v2 22 Jul 2005 ON THE HOMOTOPY LIE ALGEBRA OF AN ARRANGEMENT GRAHAM DENHAM 1 AND ALEXANDER I. SUCIU 2 Abstract. Let A be a graded-commutative, connected |-algebra generated in degree 1


Methylation Study of a Population Environmentally Exposed to Arsenic in Drinking Water

  Biology and Medicine Websites

Summary: *nometh_ ._ oUare (MMA),. di.a.ars e.(u set..r.....e.. ..e.......c.... butiona ~~~~~~~~R variables on the percent 1:nAs,MMA, DMA, aid:the.ratio of MMA so DMA in nThe of *122people.i.a town MMA.DMA. Together, these variablesexlane abut0 ofthe varisbality in MMA

California at Berkeley, University of


Computational evaluation of two reactor benchmark problems

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: . . . TABLE IV. Fuel Atomic Number Densities. TABLE V. Coolant Atomic Number Densities . . TABLE VI. Composition for A1-6061. TABLE VII. Atomic Number Densities for Pyrex Perturbing Pins. . . . . TABLE VIII. Fuel Cell Geometry. TABLE IX. Guide Tube... is presented in Table VIII. TABLE VIII Fuel Cell Geometry. Medium Fuel Void Zirconium Clad Void Aluminum Clad External Radius (cm) 0. 4095 0. 4180 0. 4750 0. 4850 0. 5400 Moderator S uare itch = 1. 26 cm The guide tube consists of an aluminum...

Cowan, James Anthony


Complexes myolectriques intestinaux et comportement alimentaire du chien. F. CREN-NER, G. FELDER, A. LAMBERT, T. WITTMANN, J. F. GRENIER INSERM U 61, 3, avenue

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: Complexes myoélectriques intestinaux et comportement alimentaire du chien. F. CREN- NER, G. FELDER faim et la prise alimentaire spontanée sont très mal connues. Nous avons donc étudié la survenue des chien, en conserve UAR1. L'heure de la prise alimentaire et l'apport énergétique qu'elle représente

Boyer, Edmond


Bisection of Random Cubic Graphs J. D az y N. Do z M.J. Serna y N.C. Wormald zx

  Computer Technologies and Information Sciences Websites

Summary: the reader to [J LR00], for the de#12;nitions of u.a.r. (uniformly at random) and a.a.s. (asymptotically width of a random cubic graph on n vertices is a.a.s. smaller than 0:174039n. #3; Dept. Llenguatges i Supported by the IST programme of the EU under contract IST-1999-14186 (ALCOM-FT) z Department

Diaz, Josep


A Snowstorm Puzzle: The Relationship Between Federal Declarations of Impact and Storm Tracks for Extreme Midwestern Blizzards

  University of Kansas - KU ScholarWorks

Summary: Storms NOAA, HPC, GISS, and Storm Data Monthly Frequency of Extreme Midwestern Blizzards 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Jan uar y Feb rua ry Ma rch April May Sep tem ber Oc tob er No vem ber De cem ber 9/1/66-5/31/87 9/1/87-5/31/08 Frequency of Federal... A Snowstorm Puzzle: The Relationship Between Federal Declarations of Impact and Storm Tracks for Extreme Midwestern Blizzards Christopher Atkinson Dept. of Geography, KU GIS Day November 18, 2009 1st Period: 79 Storms 2nd Period: 66...

Atkinson, Christopher John


Post-hospitalization adjustment of psychiatric patients following a time-limited psychoeducational treatment program

  Texas A&M University - TxSpace

Summary: . 89 15 . 011 30. 67 6 4. 25 18 Table 5 Soc o ra hic Data: Chi-s uare est of I e e Across Grou s for Marital Status of Sub ects Item X df P Marital Status 1. 91 2 . 385 30 mostly had clerical and skilled manual labor jobs. The total sample...: Miscellaneous Family Information APPENDIX D: Family Environment Scale APPENDIX E: Family Inventory of Life Events APPENDIX F: Psychosocial Adjustment Data 104 106 109 111 APPENDIX G: Psychoeducational Treatment Evaluation . 117 APPENDIX H: Data...

Velasquez, John Martin


BriTTen fesTival ClassiC ConCerT series

  Chemistry Websites

Summary: SeaSon 07 th The UniversiTy of ChiCago presenTs 2o13/14 ConCerT series #12;BriTTen fesTival ClassiC ConCerT series early mUsiC series paCifiCa qUarTeT ConTempo jazz aTThe logan mUsiC aCross genres during the season, create a Flexible series from the delightful array of Chicago Presents concerts

Butler, Laurie J.


Seasonal variation of the mesospheric inversion layer, thunderstorms and mesospheric ozone over India

  CERN Preprints

Summary: Temperature and ozone volume mixing ratio profiles obtained from the Halogen Occultation Experiment (HALOE) aboard the Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite (UARS) over India and over the open ocean to the south during the period 1991-2001 are analyzed to study the characteristic features of the Mesospheric Inversion Layer (MIL) at 70 to 85 km altitude and its relation with the ozone mixing ratio at this altitude. We have also analyzed both the number of lightning flashes measured by the Optical Transient Detector (OTD) onboard the MicroLab-1 satellite for the period April 1995 - March 2000 and ground-based thunderstorm data collected from 78 widespread Indian observatories for the same period to show that the MIL amplitude and thunderstorm activity are correlated. All the data sets examined exhibit a semiannual variation. The seasonal variation of MIL amplitude and the frequency of occurrence of the temperature inversion indicate a fairly good correlation with the seasonal variation of thunderstorms and the a...

Fadnavis, S; Beig, G; Singh, R P; 10.1029/2006JD008379


Grid-enabled SEE++, A Grid-Based Medical Decision Support System for Eye Muscle Surgery Conference

  CERN Preprints

Summary: JKU/RISC currently develops in cooperation with Upper Austrian Research (UAR) the SEE-GRID software system. SEE-GRID is based on the SEE++ software for the biomechanical 3D simulation of the human eye and its muscles. SEE++ simulates the common eye muscle surgery techniques in a graphic interactive way that is familiar to an experienced surgeon. SEE++ is world-wide the most advanced software for this purpose; it is used by various hospitals and medical doctors for surgery training and planning, SEE++ deals with the support of diagnosis and treatment of strabismus, which is the common name given to usually persistent or regularly occuring misalignment of the eyes. Strabismus is a visual defect in which eyes point in different directions. A person suffering from it may see double images due to misaligned eyes. SEE++ is able to simulate the result of the Hess-Lancaster test, from which the pathological reason of strabismus can be estimated. The outcome of such an examination is two gaze patterns of blue points a...

Schreiner, W.; Buchberger, M.; Kaltofen, T.


Spectral irradiance variations: Comparison between observations and the SATIRE model on solar rotation time scales

  Astrophysics (arXiv)

Summary: Aims: We test the reliability of the observed and calculated spectral irradiance variations between 200 and 1600 nm over a time span of three solar rotations in 2004. Methods: We compare our model calculations to spectral irradiance observations taken with SORCE/SIM, SoHO/VIRGO and UARS/SUSIM. The calculations assume LTE and are based on the SATIRE (Spectral And Total Irradiance REconstruction) model. We analyse the variability as a function of wavelength and present time series in a number of selected wavelength regions covering the UV to the NIR. We also show the facular and spot contributions to the total calculated variability. Results: In most wavelength regions, the variability agrees well between all sets of observations and the model calculations. The model does particularly well between 400 and 1300 nm, but fails below 220 nm as well as for some of the strong NUV lines. Our calculations clearly show the shift from faculae-dominated variability in the NUV to spot-dominated variability above approximately 400 nm. We also discuss some of the remaining problems, such as the low sensitivity of SUSIM and SORCE for wavelengths between approximately 310 and 350 nm, where currently the model calculations still provide the best estimates of solar variability.

Yvonne C. Unruh; Natalie A. Krivova; Sami K. Solanki; Jerald W. Harder; Greg Kopp


Solar total irradiance in cycle 23

  CERN Preprints

Summary: The apparently unusual behaviour of the TSI during the most recent minimum of solar activity has been interpreted as evidence against solar surface magnetism as the main driver of the secular change in the TSI. We test claims that the evolution of the solar surface magnetic field does not reproduce the observed TSI in cycle 23. We use sensitive, 60-minute averaged MDI magnetograms and quasi-simultaneous continuum images as an input to our SATIRE-S model and calculate the TSI variation over cycle 23, sampled roughly twice-monthly. The computed TSI is then compared to the PMOD composite of TSI measurements and to the data from two individual instruments, SORCE/TIM and UARS/ACRIM II, that monitored the TSI during the declining phase of cycle 23 and over the previous minimum in 1996, respectively. Excellent agreement is found between the trends shown by the model and almost all sets of measurements. The only exception is the early, i.e. 1996 to 1998, PMOD data. Whereas the agreement between the model and the PMOD...

Krivova, N A; Schmutz, W


Supersingular Scattering

  Mathematical Physics (arXiv)

Summary: In 'supersingular' scattering the potential $g^2U_A(r)$ involves a variable nonlinear parameter $A$ upon the increase of which the potential also increases beyond all limits everywhere off the origin and develops a uniquely high level of singularity in the origin. The problem of singular scattering is shown here to be solvable by iteration in terms of a smooth version of the semiclassical approach to quantum mechanics. Smoothness is achieved by working with a pair of centrifugal strengths within each channel. In both of the exponential and trigonometric regions, integral equations are set up the solutions of which when matched smoothly may recover the exact scattering wave function. The conditions for convergence of the iterations involved are derived for both fixed and increasing parameters. In getting regular scattering solutions, the proposed procedure is, in fact, supplementary to the Born series by widening its scope and extending applicability from nonsingular to singular potentials and from fixed to asymptotically increasing, linear and nonlinear, dynamical parameters.

T. Dolinszky


Ch/amydomonas flagella. I. Isolation and electrophoretic analysis of microtubules, matrix, membranes, and mastigonemes


Summary: Methods were developed for the isolauon of Chlarnygomonas flagella and for their fractionation into membrane, mastigoneme, "matrix, " and axoneme components. Each component was studied by electron microscopy and acrylamide gel electrophoresis. Purified membranes retained their tripartite ultrastructure and were shown to contain one high molecular weight protein band on electrophoresis in sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-urea gels. Isolated mastigonemes (hairlike structures which extend laterally from the flageUar membrane m situ) were of uniform size and were constructed of ellipsoidal subunits joined end to end. Electrophoretic analysis of mastigonemes indicated that they contained a single glycoprotein of ~- ~ 170,000 daltons The matrix fraction contained a number of proteins (particularly those of the amorphous material surrounding the microtubules), which became solubilized during membrane removal. Isolated axonemes retained the intact "'9-1- 2 " microtubular structure and could be subfractionated by treatment with heat or detergent. Increasing concentrations of detergent solubilized axonemal microtubules in the following order: one of the two central tubules; the remaining central tubule and the outer wall of the B tubule; the remaining portions of the B tubule; the outer wall of the A tubule; the remainder of the A tubule with the exception of a ribbon of three protofilaments. These three protofilaments appeared to be the "partition " between the lumen of the A and B tubule. Electrophoretic analysis of isolated outer doublets of 9-1- 2 flagella of wild-type cells and of ':9-t- 0 " flagella of paralyzed mutants indicated that the outer doublets and central tubules were composed of two microtubule proteins (tubuhns 1 and 2) Tubulins 1 and 2 were shown to have apparent molecular weights of 56,000 and 53,000 respectively

G. B. Witman; K. Carlson; J. Berliner; Joel L. Rosenbaum

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