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Changing E-mail Address

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Alerts Registration

Receiving Alerts

  1. In order to receive Alerts, you must register.
  2. Enter your e-mail address, a password, and repeat the password.
  3. Passwords must meet requirements.
  4. After submitting an Alerts Registration, you will receive an e-mail indicating that your Alerts Registration has been successfully submitted and received. This e-mail will also provide instructions for confirming your e-mail address.
  5. After you have confirmed your e-mail address per the instructions in the e-mail, you will be able to request an Alert.

Renewing your Registration

  1. Your registration and password expire 6 months after you have either registered or you have changed your password.
  2. At expiration, you will be required to change your password in order to continue to be registered and to receive Alert notification(s).

Alerts Log On

After you have registered, you may Log On and request one or more Alerts in a topic of interest.


Changing Your E-mail Address

  1. After you log on, you may change your e-mail address by using the Change Alerts E-mail Address form.
  2. After you submit your new e-mail address, an e-mail will be sent to your existing Energy Citations Database Alerts e-mail address requesting that you confirm the change of e-mail address.
  3. If your existing Alerts e-mail address no longer exists, please re-register.

Managing Your Alerts

Requesting an Alert or Revising an Alert Request

  1. To receive a weekly e-mail notification of updates to the Energy Citations Database, you must be registered. After you are registered, you may submit an Alert Request.
  2. The data provided will be used to conduct a weekly search of added/updated bibliographic citations.
  3. The findings from this search will be provided via an alert notification e-mail sent weekly on Wednesdays from to your Energy Citations Alerts e-mail address.
  4. Alert Request may also be used to revise existing Alerts.

Cancelling All Alerts and Your Registration

To cancel your Registration and all of your Alerts, log on and fill in the Confirm Cancellation of All Alerts form.

Summary of Your Alerts

  1. A list of your current Alerts, with date created or last revised, is available on your Alerts Summary.
  2. Alerts are listed in reverse chronological order by date created/revised.
  3. You may select the Alert Name link to view, revise, or cancel an individual Alert.

Weekly Alert Notification

  1. Weekly Alert notifications are sent every Wednesday.
  2. If there are matching bibliographic citations, you receive a message indicating that new data is available about your Alert(s), the week for which these matches were found, and a link to the results.
  3. If there are no matching bibliographic citations and you have selected 'Yes' for 'Notification if no updates', the Alert notification with contain 1) a message indicating zero matches were found for your Alert Name and 2) the week that zero matches were found.

Not Receiving an Alert?

If you are no longer receiving an Alert that you are expecting, please notify us and describe your difficulty. Please remember to provide your Alert Name and your e-mail address.

Excessive Alerts?

  1. If you receive an excessive Alerts message, you have requested more Alerts than the maximum permitted.
  2. In order to re-submit a request for the Alert submitted, please log on and cancel one of your existing Alerts in your Alerts Summary.



Password Requirements

  1. Your password must include:
    1. At least eight non-blank characters in both upper case and lower case
    2. A number in the first seven characters
    3. A special character in the first seven characters
    4. A nonnumeric in the first and last position, and
    5. May not contain any portion of your e-mail address.
  2. Please follow these U.S. Department of Energy recommendations for selecting a suitable password:
    1. Your password should not include your own name, nor, to the best of your knowledge, that of close friends or relatives.
    2. Your password should not include your employee serial number, Social Security number, birth date, phone number, or any information about you that could be readily learned or guessed.
    3. Your password should not, to the best of your knowledge, include common words that would be found in an English dictionary, or from another language with which you have familiarity.
    4. Your password should not, to the best of your knowledge, employ commonly used proper names, including the name of any fictional character or place.
    5. Your password should not contain any simple pattern of letters or numbers, such as "qwertyxx" or "xyz123xx".
    6. The passwords you use should be different than any passwords employed on any classified system that you use.

Changing your Password

  1. If you are registered to receive one or more Energy Citations Database Alerts and wish to change your password, you may request a change of password by filling in the Alerts Password Reset Request.
  2. After submitting your request, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for resetting your Password.

Forgot your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to request that your password be reset.