Help Topics for DOE Data Explorer

Browsing DDE Content

The DOE Data Explorer (DDE) offers five ways to browse the full content of the DDE database. Note that, to use the Browse options, you must always start from the DDE home page.

The first Browse option is "All Titles (alphabetically)" and opens a list of every title for every collection and/or individual dataset. The hyperlinked title opens the full format of the collection citation or the dataset record.

The second Browse option allows you to select which of DDE's data or non-text information types you'd like to explore. This option takes you to a picklist; highlight one of the data or information types. The Browse button then opens a results list of every collection or dataset in DDE that has been indexed as that particular information type you highlighted. For example, if you choose "Numeric Data," you'll be able to scroll through all the collections made up of numeric data. The list of results will also include individual datasets which were identified as primarily numeric in content by their submitting organizations.

Browsing by Subject Category also leads you to an alphabetized picklist. OSTI's Subject Categories group information by science discipline or subject area. Each category name (such as Environmental Sciences) opens a list of all collections and all datasets in the database that pertain to this particular scientific field. Records related to two or more categories will display under each category heading.

The next Browse option is "Sponsor/Funding Organizations." This option takes you to two different picklists. The first one in an integrated, alphabetized list of all sponsors and funding organizations listed in the database, whether they are DOE or non-DOE organization. The second one, DOE sponsors only, opens OSTI's Sponsor Organization Authority; it's a controlled vocabulary list of DOE program offices, labs, site offices, etc. This gives you have a shorter set of choices to look through if you are only interested in finding out what DDE collections and datasets a particular organization (USDOE Office of Science, for example) has sponsored. Collections or datasets with funding from both DOE and other sources will be retrieved from either picklist.

Both picklists operate the same: highlight an organization name, and the Browse button opens a list of every collection and every dataset for which that organization is named as a source of funding. Browsing "Other Related Organizations" gives you a look at the entries in the Host Website field of DDE's collection citations and the Contributor Organizations field in the dataset records submitted from DOE sites. The Host Website is where the data or non-text collection physically resides and is posted for access. Contributor Organizations may play many different roles in the lifecycle of a dataset, but they are not sponsors and usually not the originating research organization. In some cases the submitter may even identify a "host website" organization as a contributing organization, particularly when the host is a DOE Data Center.