Full Formats for Citations and Records: The Collection Citation

The DDE Help pages refer to both "citations" and "records." These two terms are used for two distinct "groups" of information: collections and individual datasets or datastreams. The collection citations have been prepared by OSTI staff and are not registered for a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Their main purpose is to help the user learn what kinds of data DOE may have and where these collections reside.

The dataset records describe information about individual datasets or datastreams that have been submitted to OSTI by DOE organizations and grantees. The datasets do receive DOIs from OSTI's Data ID Service and are registered with DataCite.

These fields will ALWAYS appear when the full citation for a collection is displayed:

  • Title (At the top of the page)
  • Description (A few sentences to describe the collection)
  • OSTI Identifier (The OSTI ID number assigned to this citation)
  • Data/Non-text Type (Identifies the main type of content in the collection)
  • Host Website/Organization (Entity managing the website on which the data collection is posted for access)
  • Sponsor/Funding Organization (Includes DOE and non-DOE sources of funding)
  • Language (Language of the data collection)
  • Country of Publication (Country that first made the data available)

These fields will appear in the citation ONLY if there is available information:

  • Creator/Author (For the collection as a whole)
  • Other Identifying Number(s) (Original DDE number or any other important number)
  • Subject (Includes OSTI Subject Category and keywords)
  • Contributor Organizations (Related organizations other than sponsors or the entity managing the host website. May be the name of a collaboration)
  • Availability (Indicates presence of a special search interface at the host website or alerts user to a registration requirement at the host website)

Below is a screen shot of a collection citation. Note the upper right hand corner of the citation's page displays the icon for a collection and the link to the collection.

Collection Citation