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TitleRadioactive Lysine in Protein Metabolism Studies
Author(s)Miller, L. L.; Bale, W. F.; Yuile, C. L.; Masters, R. E.; Tishkoff, G. H.; Whipple,, G. H.
Publication DateJanuary 09, 1950
Report NumberAECU-490
Unique IdentifierACC0466
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4424046
Research OrgUniversity of Rochester
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationSynthesis and Utilization of Plasma Proteins
SubjectBiology and Medicine; Albumins -- Amino Acids -- Blood Circulation -- Blood Plasma -- Bone Marrow -- Carbon 14 -- Dogs -- Erythrocytes -- Fluids -- Globulins -- Labeled Compounds -- Lysine -- Metabolism -- Proteins -- Quantity Ratio -- Tracer Techniques -- Transplants; Amino Acids -- Blood -- Blood Plasma -- Body -- Carbon Dioxide -- Carbon 14 -- Distribution -- Glands -- Intestine -- Kidneys -- Labeled Compounds -- Liver -- Lysine -- Metabolism -- Pancreas -- Proteins -- Quantity Ratio -- Spleen -- Tissues -- Tracer Techniques -- Urine
KeywordsCarbon Isotopes; Organic Compounds - Lysine; Tracer Applications, Radioactive - Biological
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AbstractStudies of incorporation of DL-lysine in various body proteins of the dog; the time course of labeled blood proteins; and apparent rate of disappearance of labeled plasma proteins for comparison of behavior of the plasma albumin and globulin fractions; shows more rapid turn over of globulin fraction.
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