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TitleHemoglobin Labeled by Radioactive Lysine
Author(s)Bale, W. F.; Yuile, C. L.; DeLaVergne, L.; Miller, L. L.; Whipple, G. H.
Publication DateDecember 08, 1949
Report NumberAECU-489
Unique IdentifierACC0465
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4424047
Research OrgUniversity of Rochester
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationErythrocyte Life Cycle
SubjectBiology and Medicine; Amino Acids; Blood Cells; Blood Plasma; Carbon 14; Distribution; Dogs; Erythrocytes; Hemoglobin; Labeled Compounds; Lysine; Measured Values; Metabolism; Proteins; Quantity Ratio; Tracer Techniques; Urine
KeywordsCarbon Isotopes; Tracer Applications, Radioactive -- Biological; Organic Compounds - Lysine
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AbstractThis paper reports on the utilization of tagged epsilon carbon of DL-lysine by a dog both anemic and hypoproteinemic due to repeated bleeding plus a diet low in protein. The experiment extended over period of 234 days, a time sufficient to indicate an erythrocyte life span of at least 115 days based upon the rate of replacement of labeled red cell proteins. The proteins of broken down red cells seem not to be used with any great preference for the synthesis of new hemoglobin.
329 K
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