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TitleHistory of Weak Interactions
Author(s)Lee, T. D.
Publication DateJuly 1970
Report NumberNYO--1932(2)-186
Unique IdentifierACC0453
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4076374
Research OrgColumbia University, New York
Contract NoAT(30-1)-1932
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
SubjectN34230 -- Physics (High Energy) -- Particle Interactions & Properties (Theoretical) --Weak; Elementary Particles; Weak Interactions
KeywordsElementary Particles/weak interactions of, historical review of, (E/T)
Related Web PagesTsung-Dao Lee, Weak Interactions, and Nonconservation of Parity
AbstractWhile the phenomenon of beta-decay was discovered near the end of the last century, the notion that the weak interaction forms a separate field of physical forces evolved rather gradually. This became clear only after the experimental discoveries of other weak reactions such as muon-decay, muon-capture, etc., and the theoretical observation that all these reactions can be described by approximately the same coupling constant, thus giving rise to the notion of a universal weak interaction. Only then did one slowly recognize that the weak interaction force forms an independent field, perhaps on the same footing as the gravitational force, the electromagnetic force, and the strong nuclear and sub-nuclear forces.
545 K
18 pp.
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