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TitleSlow Neutron Velocity Spectrometer Transmission Studies Of Pu
Author(s)Havens, W. W. Jr.; Melkonian, E.; Rainwater, L. J.; Levin, M.
Publication DateMay 28, 1951
Report NumberCUD-92
Unique IdentifierACC0446
Other NumbersDR-1658; OSTI ID: 4369892
Research OrgColumbia University, New York
Contract NoAT-30-1-GEN-72
Sponsoring OrgU. S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationDeclassified December 20, 1955
SubjectChemistry; Energy Range; Measured Values; Plutonium; Resonance Neutrons; Spectrometers; Thermal Neutrons; Velocity
KeywordsNeutron Transmission
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AbstractThe slow neutron transmission of several samples of Pu has been investigated with the Columbia Neutron Velocity Spectrometer. Data are presented in two groups, those covering the energy region from 0 to 6 ev, and those covering the region above 6 ev. Below 6 ev the resolution was relatively good, and a detailed study of the cross section variation was made. Work above 6 ev consisted of merely locating levels and obtaining a rough idea of their strengths.
10452 K
30 pp.
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