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TitleImproved Technique of Hydrogen Content Analysis by Slow Neutron Scattering
Author(s)Rainwater, L. J.; Havens, W. W. Jr.
Publication DateFebruary 28, 1945
Report NumberA-3209
Unique IdentifierACC0444
Other NumbersDR-64; OSTI ID: 4376660
Research OrgPupin Physics Laboratories, Columbia University, New York
Contract NoW-7405-ENG-50
Sponsoring Org[Manhattan Project]
Other InformationDeclassified January 18, 1956
SubjectPhysics; Carbon Fluorides; Communications; Efficiency; Energy Range; Epithermal Neutrons; Hydrogen; Interactions; Machine Parts; Quantitative Analysis; Scattering; Transducers
KeywordsFluorcarbons -- Neutron - absorption analysis
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AbstractA slow-neutron-transmission method fro determining the H content of fluorcarbons is described (G.Y.)
4036 K
22 pp.
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