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TitleRadiochemistry Research: Progress Report, October 1, 1974 to September 30, 1975
Author(s)Rowland, F. S.
Publication Date1975
Report NumberDOE/ER/70126-T3
Unique IdentifierACC0435
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 6646534; Legacy ID: DE87007545
Research OrgUniversity of California, Irvine (USA), Department of Chemistry
Contract NoAT-(04-3)-34; AS03-76ER70126
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Subject54 Environmental Sciences; 37 Inorganic, Organic, Physical and Analytical Chemistry; 38 Radiation Chemistry, Radiochemistry, and Nuclear Chemistry; Atmospheric Chemistry; Research Programs; Hot Atom Chemistry; Chlorine 37; Chlorine 38; Chlorine Compounds; Fluorine 18; Halogenated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons; Isotope Effects; Radicals; Recoils; Stratosphere; Beta Decay Radioisotopes; Beta-Minus Decay Radioisotopes; Beta-Plus Decay Radioisotopes; Chemistry; Chlorine Isotopes; Earth Atmosphere; Fluorine Isotopes; Halogen Compounds; Hours Living Radioisotopes; Isomeric Transition Isotopes; Isotopes; Light Nuclei; Minutes Living Radioisotopes; Nuclei; Odd-Even Nuclei; Odd-Odd Nuclei; Organic Compounds; Organic Halogen Compounds; Radiochemistry; Radioisotopes; Seconds Living Radioisotopes; Stable Isotopes
KeywordsChlorofluorocarbons; CFCs
Related Web PagesF. Sherwood Rowland, Chlorofluorocarbons [CFCs], and the Thinning of the Ozone Layer
AbstractA major effort has been made this year to pursue details of the effects of the chlorofluoromethanes in the environment. The AEC report written in September, 1974, was revised and published as a review article in Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics. A shorter description was published in the New Scientist in December, 1974. Three additional papers were published on the stratospheric chlorine problem. Testimony was provided at various hearings.
734 K
24 pp.
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