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TitlePersonal History of Nucleon Polarization Experiments
Author(s)Chamberlain, O.
Publication DateSeptember 1984
Report NumberLBL-18927
Unique IdentifierACC0423
Other NumbersCONF-8409162-13; Legacy ID: DE85007767; OSTI ID: 5918677
Research OrgLawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), University of California Berkeley, CA (USA) [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)]
Contract NoAC03-76SF00098
Sponsoring OrgOffice of Energy Research (ER), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Other Information6th International Symposium on High Energy Spin Physics; Marseille, France, 12 Sep 1984
Subject71 Classical and Quantum Mechanics, General Physics; 73 Nuclear Physics and Radiation Physics; Nucleon Reactions; Historical Aspects; Scattering; Proton Beams; Polarized Beams; Proton Reactions; Carbon; Depolarization; Hydrogen 1 Target; Polarization; Polarized Targets; Spin Flip; Spin Orientation; Baryon Reactions; Beams; Charged-Particle Reactions; Elements; Hadron Reactions; Nonmetals; Nuclear Reactions; Nucleon Beams; Orientation; Particle Beams; Targets
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AbstractThe history of nucleon scattering experiments is reviewed, starting with the observation of large proton polarizations in scattering from light elements such as carbon, and ending with the acceleration of polarized proton beams in high-energy synchrotrons. Special mention is made about significant contributions made by C.L. Oxley, L. Wolfenstein, R.D. Tripp, T. Ypsilantis, A. Abragam, M. Borghini, T. Niinikoski, Froissart, Stora, A.D. Krisch, and L.G. Ratner.
329 K
30 pp.
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