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TitleThe Role of Atomic Energy in the Promotion of International Collaboration
Author(s)Rabi, I. I.
Publication DateOctober 31, 1959
Report NumberA/CONF.15/P/2457
Unique IdentifierACC0388
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4297899
Research OrgColumbia University, New York
Other InformationPrepared for the Second U.N. International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy
SubjectGeneral; Power Plants; Reactors
KeywordsAtomic Energy
Related Web PagesI. I. Rabi, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance [NMR], and Radar
Peaceful Uses of the Atom
AbstractA brief survey is presented of the international cooperation which made a success of the First Geneva Conference and which has initiated many international scientific meetings since that time. The policy of the United States in this respect is discussed. (J.S.R.)
229 K
4 pp.
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