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TitleForty-five Years of e{sup +}e{sup -} Annihilation Physics: 1956 to 2001
Author(s)Richter, B.
Publication DateAugust 1984
Report NumberSLAC-PUB-3659
Unique IdentifierACC0374
Other NumbersCONF-8407112-9; Legacy ID: DE85013052; OSTI ID: 5515899
Research OrgStanford Linear Accelerator Center [SLAC], CA (USA)
Contract NoAC03-76SF00515
Sponsoring OrgU. S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Other Information12th SLAC Summer Institute on Particle Physics, Stanford, CA, USA, 23 Jul 1984
Subject72 Physics of Elementary Particles and Fields; Electron-Positron Interactions; Reviews; Annihilation; Storage Rings; Basic Interactions; Electromagnetic Interactions; Interactions; Lepton-Lepton Interactions; Particle Interactions
Related Web PagesBurton Richter, Storage Rings, and the J/psi Particle
AbstractThe history of e{sup +}e{sup -} physics in the 1950's and 1960's is reviewed, followed by some highlights of the spectacular discoveries in e{sup +}e{sup -} annihilation made during the 1970's. The consolidation of knowledge during the last few years is summarized. Some predictions are made for the field of e{sup +}e{sup -} physics for the next decade and beyond. (LEW)
2920 K
21 pp.
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