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TitleDesign Considerations for High Energy Electron -- Positron Storage Rings
Author(s)Richter, B.
Publication DateNovember 1966
Report NumberSLAC-PUB--240
Unique IdentifierACC0371
Other NumbersCONF-660939--2; OSTI ID: 4459754
Research OrgStanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, California
Contract NoAT(04-3)-515
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationFrom International Symposium on Electron and Positron Storage Rings, Saclay, France. (September 1966)
SubjectN34650* --Particle Accelerators--Storage Rings; Accelerators; Beams; Design; Electrons; Energy; Luminosity; Positrons; Storage; Storage Rings
KeywordsParticle Physics
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AbstractHigh energy electron-positron storage rings give a way of making a new attack on the most important problems of elementary particle physics. All of us who have worked in the storage ring field designing, building, or using storage rings know this. The importance of that part of storage ring work concerning tests of quantum electrodynamics and mu meson physics is also generally appreciated by the larger physics community. However, I do not think that most of the physicists working tin the elementary particle physics field realize the importance of the contribution that storage ring experiments can make to our understanding of the strongly interacting particles. I would therefore like to spend the next few minutes discussing the sort of things that one can do with storage rings in the strongly interacting particle field.
1070 K
34 pp.
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