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TitleBroken Scale Invariance and Anomalous Dimensions
Author(s)Wilson, K. G.
Publication DateMay 1970
Report NumberSLAC-PUB--737
Unique IdentifierACC0345
Other NumbersCONF-700411--1; OSTI ID: 4141859
Research OrgStanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Stanford University, Stanford, CA; Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationFrom Midwest Conference on Theoretical Physics; University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana; 3 - 4 April 1970
SubjectN34420* -- Physics (Theoretical) -- Quantum Field Theories; N34240 -- Physics (High Energy) -- Particle Interactions & Properties (Theoretical) -- Strong (General); Elementary Particles; Field Theory; Hadrons; Interactions; Quantum Field Theory; Quantum Mechanics; Strong Interactions
KeywordsHadrons/interactions of, broken scale invariance with anomalous dimensions for strong; Elementary Particles/strong interactions of, broken scale invariance with anomalous dimensions for; Quantum Field Theory/ fields in, broken scale invariance with anomalous dimensions for
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AbstractMack and Kastrup have proposed that broken scale invariance is a symmetry of strong interactions. There is evidence from the Thirring model and perturbation theory that the dimensions of fields defined by scale transformations will be changed by the interaction from their canonical values. We review these ideas and their consequences for strong interactions.
919 K
23 pp.
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