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TitleSearch for Massive Particles Produced in Interactions at 30 BeV
Author(s)Franzini, P.; Leontic, B.; Rahm, D.; Samios, N.; Schwartz, M.
Publication DateJanuary 1965
Report NumberBNL-8751
Unique IdentifierACC0344
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4648783
Research OrgBrookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY; Columbia University, NY
Contract NoAT(30-1)-Gen-16
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
SubjectPhysics; Nuclear Properties and Reactions; Charged Particles; Energy; Energy Range; Gev Range; Mass; Nuclear Reactions; Nuclei; Production; Proton Beams; Stability; Tungsten
KeywordsParticle Physics
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AbstractWe report here the results of a search for moderately stable negatively charged particles in the mass region of 2.5 - 5.0 BeV, produced in collisions of 30 BeV protons with tungsten nuclei at the Brookhaven A.G.S.
213 K
9 pp.
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