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TitleThe Path of Carbon in Photosynthesis V. Paper Chromatography and Radioautography of the Products
Author(s)Benson, A. A.; Bassham, J. A.; Calvin, M.; Goodale, T. C.; Haas, V. A.; Stepka, W.
Publication DateJune 13, 1949
Report NumberAECU-356; UCRL-363
Unique IdentifierACC0308
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4430548
Research OrgUniversity of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
Contract NoW-7405-eng-48
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
SubjectBiology And Medicine; Biochemistry; Carbon; Carbon 14; Carbon Dioxide; Carboxylic Acids; Chromatography; Glyceric Acid; Labelled Compounds; Metabolism; Organic Acids; Organic Phosphorus Compounds; Phosphates; Photosynthesis; Radioautography; Tracer Techniques
KeywordsCarbon Isotopes, Phosphorus Isotopes, Organic Compounds
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AbstractDetailed procedure and results for the separation and identification of labeled carboxylic acids and phosphate esters, formed during photosynthesis in C{sup 14}O{sub 2}; the first observed product of CO{sub 2} assimilation during photosynthesis was isolated and shown to be phosphoglyceric acid; tracer use of P{sup 32} and C{sup 14}.
1426 K
34 pp.
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