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TitleThe Path of Carbon in Photosynthesis II. Amino Acids
Author(s)Stepka, W.; Benson, A. A.; Calvin, M.
Publication DateMay 25, 1948
Report NumberUCRL--119
Unique IdentifierACC0305
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4421369; OSTI ID: 928028
Research OrgErnest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA (US) [LBL] [LBNL]; University of California Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
Contract NoW-7405-Eng-48; DE-AC02-05CH11231
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Subject59 Basic Biological Sciences; Alanines; Algae; Amino Acids; Aspartic Acid; Autoradiography; Carbon; Chromatography; Glutamic Acid; Photosynthesis
KeywordsTracer Applications, Radioactive; Carbon 14; Carbon Dioxide; Chlorella; Isomers; Labelled Compounds; Light; Phenylalanine; Production; Qualitative Analysis; Quantitative Analysis; Scenedesmus; Serine
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AbstractThe radioactive amino acid's synthesized from C{sup 14}O{sub 2} by green algae both in the light and in the dark after CO{sub 2}-free preillumination have been separated and identified using paper chromatography and radioautography. The radioactive amino acids identified were aspartic acid, alanine and smaller amounts of 3- and 4-carbon amino acids. This finding as well as the total absence of radioactive glutamic acid substantiates the mechanism for reduction of CO{sub 2} previously postulated by members of this laboratory.
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