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TitleOxygen-17 NMR Shifts Caused by Cr{Sup ++} in Aqueous Solutions
Author(s)Jackson, J. A.; Lemons, J. F.; Taube, H.
Publication Date1962
Report NumberLADC-5404
Unique IdentifierACC0293
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4728857
Research OrgLos Alamos Scientific Laboratory [LANL], NM
Contract NoW-7405-eng-36
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
Other InformationJournal of Chemical Physics (U.S.); Vol: 38; February 15, 1963
SubjectPhysics; Absorption; Anions; Chlorine Compounds; Chromium; Configuration; Ions; Magnetism; Molecules; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Oxygen 17; Paramagnetism; Solutions; Spectral Shift; Spheres; Water
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AbstractCr{sup ++} in solution produces a paramagnetic shift in the NMR absorption of O{sup 17} in ClO{sub 4}{sup -}, as well as the expected paramagnetic shift for O{sup 17} in H{sub 2}O. As the concentration of ClO{sub 4}{sup -} increases, the shift in the H{sub 2}O{sup 17} absorption is diminished, and eventually changes sign. The effects are ascribed to preferential replacement by ClO{sub 4}{sup -} of water molecules from the axial positions in the first coordination sphere about Cr{sup ++}.
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13 pp.
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