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TitleMolecular Beam Studies of Hot Atom Chemical Reactions: Reactive Scattering of Energetic Deuterium Atoms
Author(s)Continetti, R. E.; Balko, B. A.; Lee, Y. T.
Publication DateFebruary 1989
Report NumberLBL-26762
Unique IdentifierACC0290
Other NumbersCONF-890274-1; Legacy ID: DE89008307; OSTI ID: 6475660
Research OrgLawrence Berkeley Laboratory [LBNL], CA (USA)
Contract NoAC03-76SF00098
Sponsoring OrgU.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Other InformationInternational Symposium on Near-future Chemistry in Nuclear Energy Field, Ibaraki-Ken, Japan, 15 Feb 1989
Subject38 Radiation Chemistry, Radiochemistry, and Nuclear Chemistry; Molecular Beams; Hot Atom Chemistry; Chemical Reactions; Deuterium; Hydrocarbons; Hydrogen; Time-of-flight Method; Beams; Chemistry; Elements; Hydrogen Isotopes; Isotopes; Light Nuclei; Nonmetals; Nuclei; Odd-Odd Nuclei; Organic Compounds; Radiochemistry; Stable Isotopes
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AbstractA brief review of the application of the crossed molecular beams technique to the study of hot atom chemical reactions in the last twenty years is given. Specific emphasis is placed on recent advances in the use of photolytically produced energetic deuterium atoms in the study of the fundamental elementary reactions D + H{sub 2} -> DH + H and the substitution reaction D + C{sub 2}H{sub 2} -> C{sub 2}HD + H. Recent advances in uv laser and pulsed molecular beam techniques have made the detailed study of hydrogen atom reactions under single collision conditions possible.
1193 K
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