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TitleDevelopment of a Supersonic Atomic Oxygen Nozzle Beam Source for Crossed Beam Scattering Experiments
Author(s)Sibener, S. J.; Buss, R. J.; Lee, Y. T.
Publication DateMay 1978
Report NumberLBL-7396
Unique IdentifierACC0287
Other NumbersCONF-780728-2; OSTI ID: 6546043
Research OrgLawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, CA (USA)
Contract NoW-7405-ENG-48
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (DOE)
Other Information11th Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics; 3 Jul 1978; Cannes, France
Subject640301 -- Atomic, Molecular & Chemical Physics -- Beams & their Reactions; Atomic Beams -- Beam Production; Oxygen -- Atomic Beams; Beam Currents; Colliding Beams; Design; Operation; Performance
KeywordsBeams; Cryogenic Fluids; Currents; Elements; Fluids; Nonmetals
Related Web PagesYuan T. Lee and Molecular Beam Studies
AbstractA high pressure, supersonic, radio frequency discharge nozzle beam source was developed for the production of intense beams of ground state oxygen atoms. An efficient impedance matching scheme was devised for coupling the radio frequency power to the plasma as a function of both gas pressure and composition. Techniques for localizing the discharge directly behind the orifice of a water-cooled quartz nozzle were also developed. The above combine to yield an atomic oxygen beam source which produces high molecular dissociation in oxygen seeded rare gas mixtures at total pressures up to 200 torr: 80 to 90% dissociation for oxygen/argon mixtures and 60 to 70% for oxygen/helium mixtures. Atomic oxygen intensities are found to be greater than 10{sup 17} atom sr{sup -1} sec{sup -1}. A brief discussion of the reaction dynamics of 0 + IC1 ..-->.. I0 + C1 is also presented.
1917 K
17 pp.
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