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TitleSelf-consistent Models of Strong Interaction with Chiral Symmetry
Author(s)Nambu, Y.; Pascual, P.
Publication DateApril 1963
Report NumberEFINS-63-25
Unique IdentifierACC0273
Other NumbersOSTI ID: 4664554
Research OrgEnrico Fermi Institute for Nuclear Studies, University of Chicago, IL
Contract NoAT(11-1)-264
Sponsoring OrgUS Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)
SubjectPhysics; Elementary Particles; Field Theory; Interactions; Mass; Mesons; Nucleons; Reaction Kinetics; Strong Interactions; Vectors
KeywordsParticle Physics
Related Web PagesYoichiro Nambu and the Mechanism of Spontaneous Broken Symmetries in Subatomic Physics
AbstractSome simple models of (renormalizable) meson-nucleon interaction are examined in which the nucleon mass is entirely due to interaction and the chiral ( gamma {sub 5}) symmetry is "broken'' to become a hidden symmetry. It is found that such a scheme is possible provided that a vector meson is introduced as an elementary field. (auth)
878 K
22 pp.
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