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TitleAxial Tomography from Digitized Real Time Radiography
Author(s)Zolnay, A. S.; McDonald, W. M.; Doupont, P. A.; McKinney, R. L.; Lee, M. M.
Publication DateJanuary 18, 1985
Report NumberUCRL-92005
Unique IdentifierACC0269
Other NumbersCONF-850533-1; Legacy ID: DE85006767; OSTI ID: 5960303
Research OrgLawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), CA (USA)
Contract NoW-7405-ENG-48
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (DOE)
Other Information6th Symposium on X- and Gamma-Ray Sources and Applications; 21 May 1985; Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Subject62 Radiology and Nuclear Medicine; 550602 -- Medicine -- External Radiation in Diagnostics -- (1980-); 990200 -- Mathematics & Computers; CAT Scanning -- Image Processing; Data Acquisition; Data Analysis; Data Processing; Television; Two-Dimensional Calculations
KeywordsComputerized Tomography; Diagnostic Techniques; Processing; Tomography
Related Web PagesAllan Cormack, Computerized Axial Tomography [CAT] and Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI]
AbstractAxial tomography from digitized real time radiographs provides a useful tool for industrial radiography and tomography. The components of this system are: x-ray source, image intensifier, video camera, video line extractor and digitizer, data storage and reconstruction computers. With this system it is possible to view a two dimensional x-ray image in real time at each angle of rotation and select the tomography plane of interest by choosing which video line to digitize. The digitization of a video line requires less than a second making data acquisition relatively short. Further improvements on this system are planned and initial results are reported.
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