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TitleComputed Tomography Status
Author(s)Hansche, B. D.
Publication Date1983
Report NumberSAND-83-2326C
Unique IdentifierACC0267
Other NumbersCONF-8310217-1; Legacy ID: DE84002801; OSTI ID: 5611091
Research OrgSandia National Laboratories (SNL), Albuquerque, NM (USA)
Contract NoAC04-76DP00789
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (DOE)
Other InformationWANTO Meeting; 10 Oct 1983; Miamisburg, OH, USA
Subject420500 -- Engineering -- Materials Testing; Computerized Tomography -- Technology Assessment; Industrial Radiography -- Computerized Tomography
KeywordsDiagnostic Techniques; Tomography
Related Web PagesAllan Cormack, Computerized Axial Tomography [CAT] and Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI]
AbstractComputed tomography (CT) is a relatively new radiographic technique which has become widely used in the medical field, where it is better known as computerized axial tomographic (CAT) scanning. This technique is also being adopted by the industrial radiographic community, although the greater range of densities, variation in samples sizes, plus possible requirement for finer resolution make it difficult to duplicate the excellent results that the medical scanners have achieved.
1023 K
22 pp.
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