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TitleRadiopharmaceuticals in PET, Progress and Promise
Author(s)Wolf, A. P.; Fowler, J. S.
Publication DateNovember 1988
Report NumberBNL-41981
Unique IdentifierACC0242
Other NumbersCONF-8811103-1; Legacy ID: DE89002941; OSTI ID: 6651175
Research OrgBrookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (USA)
Contract NoAC02-76CH00016
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (USDOE)
Other Information4th Asia and Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine; 1 Nov 1988; Taipei, Taiwan
Subject550601 -- Medicine -- Unsealed Radionuclides in Diagnostics; Radiopharmaceuticals -- Uses; Ammonia; Carbon 11; Enzymes; Fluorine 18; Fluorine Compounds; Glucose; Ion Channeling; Labelled Compounds; Methionine; Neuroregulators; Nuclear Medicine; Oxygen 15; Positron Computed Tomography; Water
KeywordsAldehydes; Amino Acids; Autonomic Nervous System Agents; Beta Decay Radioisotopes; Beta-Plus Decay Radioisotopes; Carbohydrates; Carbon Isotopes; Carboxylic Acids; Channeling; Computerized Tomography; Diagnostic Techniques; Drugs; Emission Computed Tomography; Even-Odd Nuclei; Fluorine Isotopes; Halogen Compounds; Hexoses; Hours Living Radioisotopes; Hydrides; Hydrogen Compounds; Isotopes; Labelled Compounds; Light Nuclei; Lipotropic Factors; Medicine; Minutes Living Radioisotopes; Monosaccharides; Nitrogen Compounds; Nitrogen Hydrides; Nuclei; Odd-Odd Nuclei; Organic Acids; Organic Compounds; Organic Sulfur Compounds; Oxygen Compounds; Oxygen Isotopes; Radioisotopes; Saccharides; Tomography
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AbstractIt is the intention of this presentation to focus on the current state of radiopharmaceuticals for PET and where this is leading us. PET radiopharmaceuticals can be broken down into perhaps seven categories at present with each being applicable to a different aspect of human biochemistry. These are: metabolic probes, neurochemical probes, enzyme probes, ion channel blockers, blood flow agents, ethical drugs and other positron emitters.
1998 K
7 pp.
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