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TitleDynamic Positron Emission Tomography [PET] in Man Using Small Bismuth Germanate Crystals
Author(s)Derenzo, S. E.; Budinger, T. F.; Huesman, R. H.; Cahoon, J. L.
Publication DateApril 1982
Report NumberLBL-14308
Unique IdentifierACC0238
Other NumbersCONF-820434-8; CONF-820456-1; Legacy ID: DE82014997; OSTI ID: 5253576
Research OrgLawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)], CA (USA); University of California, Berkeley (USA). Donner Lab.
Contract NoW-7405-ENG-48
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (USDOE)
Other Information6th International Conference on Positron Annihilation; 3 Apr 1982; Arlington, TX, USA
Subject440101 -- Radiation Instrumentation -- General Detectors or Monitors & Radiometric Instruments; 550601 -- Medicine -- Unsealed Radionuclides in Diagnostics; Phosphors -- Bismuth Compounds; Phosphors -- Germanates; Positron Computed Tomography -- Sensitivity; Positron Computed Tomography -- Spatial Resolution; Counting Techniques; Crystals; Design; Dynamic Function Studies; Images; Patients; Pulse Discriminators; Shielding; Solid Scintillation Detectors
KeywordsComputerized Tomography; Diagnostic Techniques; Discriminators; Electronic Circuits; Emission Computed Tomography; Germanium Compounds; Measuring Instruments; Oxygen Compounds; Pulse Circuits; Radiation Detectors; Resolution; Scintillation Counters; Tomography
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AbstractPrimary considerations for the design of positron emission tomographs for medical studies in humans are the need for high imaging sensitivity, whole organ coverage, good spatial resolution, high maximum data rates, adequate spatial sampling with minimum mechanical motion, shielding against out of plane activity, pulse height discrimination against scattered photons, and timing discrimination against accidental coincidences. We discuss the choice of detectors, sampling motion, shielding, and electronics to meet these objectives.
3327 K
17 pp.
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