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TitlePositron Computed Tomography: Current State, Clinical Results and Future Trends
Author(s)Schelbert, H. R.; Phelps, M. E.; Kuhl, D. E.
Publication DateSeptember 1980
Report NumberUCLA-12-1258
Unique IdentifierACC0237
Other NumbersCONF-800933-2; OSTI ID: 5163326
Research OrgUniversity of California, Los Angeles (USA), Laboratory of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology; University of California, Los Angeles (USA). School of Medicine
Contract NoAM03-76-SF00012
Sponsoring OrgUS Department of Energy (USDOE)
Other Information18th International Annual Meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine; 9 Sep 1980; Nurnberg, F. R. Germany
Subject550601 -- Medicine -- Unsealed Radionuclides in Diagnostics; Positron Computed Tomography; Brain; Cardiovascular System; Comparative Evaluations; Forecasting; Metabolism; Radiopharmaceuticals; Body; Central Nervous System; Computerized Tomography; Diagnostic Techniques; Drugs; Emission Computed Tomography; Labelled Compounds; Nervous System; Organs; Radioactive Materials; Tomography
KeywordsMedicine, Unsealed Radionuclides in Diagnostics
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AbstractAn overview is presented of positron computed tomography: its advantages over single photon emission tomography, its use in metabolic studies of the heart and chemical investigation of the brain, and future trends. (ACR)
2345 K
9 pp.
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